Punished even though I won in court

August 10, 2014

In a nutshell,i was paying the csa when I was made redundant,i wrote to them to advise them of a change of curcumstance,thought they would alter my payments of approx.

£48.00 per wk to unemployed amount of £5 per wk,went self employed and again advised them of my change of circumstance,guess what they never adjusted my payments,over an 18 month period,when I went back to working for someone they hit me with a £3456 over payment!!

I appealed as anyone would to the injustice of it all and had my 2 separate days in court of which I won the case,guess what I have never seen that money repaid back to me,to make matters worse when I was out of work I couldn’t even claim job seekers allowance.

Alledgeley I hadn’t paid enough self employed NIC on a previous year,although the other 25 years were up to date,great british justice eh!!