Proof of purchase required by non-resident parent!

July 31, 2008

In most cases the Child Support Agency are making the non-resident parent pay well over the odds. This is bad enough to start with but paying out all this money and finding out it is not going to the children is extremely wrong.

There will be cases out there where the children are going without, walking around in rags because the parent with care would rather spend that money on themselves. This has to be seriously addressed and action taken against these parents if proved.

I was working and paying £60 a week and finding it extremely hard to pay my bills because of the Child Support Agencies unfair assessment. What made matters worse was getting a phone call from a close family member of my daughter. They were concerned because my daughters mother and partner were spending nearly every night in the local bars and clubs. My daughter was being dumped on her half sister from Sunday to Friday and I was told she was sleeping on a couch.

I made sure I knew where she was staying every night by buying my daughter a mobile phone and phoning her every night. It appeared what I had been told was true and I was paying for their recreational habit. Eventually they bought my daughter an air bed to sleep on, so it was nice to see that a little of my money was going to my daughter!

I never let up and phoned her every night until it came to the point her mother and partner took the phone away from her. That didn’t deter and I just called the house phone and eventually I must of got the message over as my daughter was eventually allowed her own bed to sleep in! I also made sure of contacting Social Services to advise them what had been going on. I literally had to put up night after night hearing my daughter crying say she wished it was the weekend so she would be staying with me.

To get back to the point it is essensial that something is in place that allows the non-resident parent to take action if he suspects something like this is going on. The resident parent with care should be made to supply proof of everything they have purchased for the child. If they can’t then their money should be withdrawn and it put into a savings account for the child.


  • robert fisk says:

    i fully agree with this the receipts should be shown on a weekly basis

  • nick says:

    i feel very sorry for you and your partner, my self and my partner are going thorugh the same kind of thing. i have now given up dealing with the csa at all and like your partner cant deal with the phone calls and letters. there blood sucking leechs and will stop at nothing.
    I am now set on the idea of sitting in prison just to get a break from them.
    my partner is better off if i moved out into my own place and she claimed dole.

    i hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel for you both.

  • joanne shier says:

    A nrp needs proof to show that s/he is paying child support, if under a private agreement, so a pwc needs to show where it is going, only fair.

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