Please help me with the CSA

April 28, 2010

Its a sad but true story, in 1999 i was found to be dad, through court, 8weeks later lost my job, £53.65 a week, letters didn’t reply made a mistake took a job after 9months then the letters started to drop.

In 2004 said i owed £1,200 started paying £28 + £4 arrears. In 2006 stopped paying c.s.a would’t tell me if child in full-time education. In 2008 got letter, with two children on, one mine other ex had with someone else!

DEO was going to be in place, £336.55. Then 7days later £336.55 outof my wages. Wrote an phoned, no joy, then got a case worker to look at it, he backed it an inceased it. Cut a long story short, appeal to central appeal unit, it was found casework should not have increased it, the Q.C was no longer Q.C, child benfit stopped when child was 18 which was 11months before the appeal. I complained to have other child take off my file. This was after arrears was set £250 a month, thought d.e.o would be lifted wrong.

£336.55 next month an the month after, no change. Complained some more, case sent to special place in scotland to sort out, this is what they found:

In 1999 the case should’ve started but didn’t, it started in 2004, so they reopened the case being in mie it is 18 months when child was. Q.c started case under old rules assessed me again, as if it was 1999, said i owed £30,000. In mean time new ex went to c.s.a, put claim in also assessed there £384, c.s.a then put cases together an said £776 a month, they want an this is all legal, going down the route of appeal and they say the same it is legal, to give someone who has never worke in over 10years, no council tax rent free, while ex with two children under five go without.

I get no access, any advice would be helpful please can you not publish my name as my kids have my name also thank you.