Please don’t tell me the CSA are as black and white as people have made out

June 20, 2013

My x partner got up and left me without warning. She took my three beautiful girls who I haven’t seen for six weeks now. All my wages, tax credits, child benefit was paid into her bank account as she dealt with the finances and she took the lot.

She then started cancelling direct debts left right and centre and debt collector letters started to come through regarding debts that I did not know about as she handled all the money. She has not spoken to me for the last six weeks and has denied me all access to my girls. I have been left to bring up my two sons (that I won custody of from a previous relationship) on my own in a house I cannot afford without all the tax credits we were entitled to when we were a family of seven. Debt collectors are coming after me left right and centre due to bills she had not paid over the past year and a solicitor who is asking for no more than £500 each month to work on my case.

Three weeks into her leaving I had the CSA contact me. I was emotional distort and in financially distress due to the sudden drop in income and increased debt. They have now been in contact with my employers to organise £400 a month to be deducted straight from my wages. If I see the girls as much as I want to… at least half the year I would only have to pay £120. Plus my x partner has a number of mental health issues, which I want my solicitor to address because I think I should have custody of the girls.

I think I am in my right to pay the minimum am I not? I cannot afford to live other wise and me and my two boys will be made homeless. It will also mean I will lose my job because I will not be able to make payments on my car petrol ect and she will then get next to nothing. The only reason I am being told I need to pay the full amount is because I do not see them and the reason I do not see them is because she won’t let me. Some advice would be much appreciated. I need time to try and find a way of increasing my income for starters or this request of child maintenance will destroy mine an my boys lives, will loose me my job and she will therefore have to rely solely on the state and being unable to afford any legal aid will mean me losing all hope for me to see my girls again and for their brothers to see them again. My girls are being looked after by someone who is well known to the mental health team and social services with documented assaults on two of my children. Surely the CSA must take into account matters such as these? Please don’t tell me they are as black and white as some people have made out?

Please! I need so me advice on what I can do with out someone saying you are stuffed mate!



  • derek miller says:

    contact your MP asap

  • Pete says:

    The CSA are pure parasites, they lie commit fraud, do not trust any word that the CSA tell you, they are full of shit, Yes i hate them with a passion, Good luck mate

  • Beckxy29 says:

    That’s really awful…we are going through the same thing and Its horrendous!

    Ur ex is hurting ur girls in the long run, why parents can’t see this is beyond me.

    Hope u sort it out!

  • Terry SCOTT says:

    why are people taking this type of government shit! you’ve all paid your taxes at some point.

    why is there only a few hundred likes of FB for this website? should be 10000s 😉

    why is the broader media BBC etc not even interested in these cases?

    Shame bin-laden didn’t strike DWP CSA! its shocking , shameful to read the plight of what the MPs whom you all voted for are letting this happen.

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