Please don’t be too biased towards women

June 3, 2013

please do not be too biased towards women. i have two children living with me and have a good job. i have never claimed from my ex. After years of abuse he went to prison, lost his job and has a life time restraining order not to contact me. because i tried to be fair and we have 50/50 access i gave him one child benefit. he is now claiming i am the nrp for that child and seeking maintenance. this will leave me with no money to care for my children. the csa only look at who gets child benefit. i tried to be fair and i am now paying dearly for it. whilst he is remarried and in a large house , it seems i will have to sell the family home to pay him maintenance for having access to his hildren………the abuse from ex partners and pressure and pain caused by the csa can be towards both men and women…..any advice how i can get out of this whole gratefully received

thank you


  • Adrian says:

    Don’t think people on here are biased against women. Or men. It’s the idiots at the csa sorry I say idiots. I mean scum at the csa that have a problem. They wreck lives and only give a monkeys about how many people’s lives they can destroy within a week.

  • stuart says:

    It is not women the CSA tend to favour the PWC but are so shockingly bad that they manage to antagonise and rip off those too. It is a system that can not work and they know it but it does not stop them.

    If you are unhappy your ex is claiming then do likewise. good for the goose? If you have two kids living with you and he one. Then suggest you would not have to pay and he would?

  • Andy says:

    I had this problem. I have 2 children with my ex wife. A few years back, one of them wanted to come live with me, so, she stayed with me for a month to try it out. I started to check up on things in the long run. Even though I was to have one of the children live with me, the CSA said I’d still have to pay the full amount to the ex wife that I was paying to her FOR THE TWO OF THEM, and my ex wife didn’t have to pay me anything. So, Stuart, now tell me they favour the PWC and not the mother.

  • stuart says:


    It would be very wrong to say Mothers or Fathers are discriminated against as PWC and NRP can be of either gender, As I stated they get it so wrong which ever side of the fence you sit, However a PWC can make any claim and the CSA act, For the NRP it is different they have to provide proof what the PWC has said is untrue. All cases are different and the government and CSA are unable to cope with that fact.

    I just wanted to point out it is not gender based incompetence they manage to get it wrong for everyone. Generalised comments about Mothers and Fathers be they NRP or PWC are unfair to the posters, Not every case is the same nor every individual so to generalise with “all” is in my opinion wrong, That was my point and yes I believe as a PWC you get better treatment and less admin to do whilst the CSA deal with your case, which is again wrong.

  • Alice says:

    Under CS2 rules if you have 50/50 shared care of 2 children and your ex is claiming CHB for 1 then this designates him as PWC and you as NRP to that child – if you are claiming CHB for the other child then you are the PWC and he will be the NRP… as such you can both claim against each other. Each case will be assessed in accordance with the NRP’s income, how many children live in their household, how many children they are paying for and an allowance for shared care if applicable.

    I think that when cases are moved to CS3 any case with 50/50 shared care will be closed.

    The CSA cannot refuse to open a case if a PWC requests it. You might want to consider opening a case for the child you are claiming CHB for.

  • Liyanne says:

    I am sorry to hear your problem and the fact people are using the replies as a forum to debate their own issues. But I think Alice is right, that if he is applying for maintenance from your for one, then you can apply for maintenance for the other from him. It then *basically* balances out with the higher earner giving slightly more to the other.

    Information so far on CS3 does state no maintenance will have to be paid for 50/50 cases. It is currently being piloted for 4+ children. The next group of people it will be rolled out to is 2+ children with the same 2 parents. Unfortunately it is next to impossible to find information out about this at the moment, especially when it is likely to come into effect, but the best page I have found is NACSA who are very helpful.

    Good luck with it all.

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