November 12, 2008

At afairercsaforall we have been very busy over the last couple of months.

Due to user demand, last month we set up a sister site for the forum. The new site although in its infancy, is packed with information, with more due to be added. If you have an experience with the CSA that you are happy to share with others, please add it to the site. You can also access the forum by clicking the forum link.

afairercsaforall have now started a PETITION for ‘A FAIRER CSA FOR ALL’. The petition covers ~

# The CSA having no legal duty of care.

# Tax Credits & Disability elements.

# Non residents parents accrual of arrears courtesy of the CSA.

# Assessing Income.

# Shared Care.

# Complaints to the CSA.

~ the full petition can be found at, please come show your support.

afairercsaforall are proud to support the ‘End child poverty campaign’


  • SB says:

    So you are proud to support the ” end child poverty campaign”? yet you have a forum that is trying to make changes to the child support system? So by this you are agreeing with the current government trend of in their words,” ending child poverty by 2010″? ok still with me thus far? good! so why then do you have a forum which disagrees with what the csa do and how they operate? surely you should be supporting this wonderful agency as they want to eradicate child poverty??? ( albeit stealing from the hard working fathers who DO pay) sorry but this is totally double standards and if i were ANY parent i wouldn’t suuport your site!!! you basically cannot make your minds up who you support and who you would burn at the stake!!
    Are we to assume that by supporting ending child poverty you agree with what statistics the government use to place thier bias on,i.e lone parents? If this is the case , as said previously, you are backing the government!!!!
    I will leave it for others to ponder over.

  • Chloe says:

    Mobey/ C/O deadbeatdads association

    Well, well well………………….. you surprize me it took so long to attack our sites again…

    We DO support any agency including the end child poverty campaign, Barnardo’s and unicef. who are trying to erradicate child poverty………….. Where does it state we agree with the governments current child support system………….

    No CHILD no matter what the family circumstances should live in poverty, and anyone who tries to stop it have our support ,undying support…

    Our site says afairercsaforall……………. Meaning we agree every parent, both NRP and PWC should support their children………….. The whole system needs to be fairer, better run, and have a legal duty of care to ALL clients.

    The current system is bias and badly managed, this is what needs to change…

    NRP need lives, they need to move on…………………… They need fair hearings and assessments

    PWC need monies to be paid on time, respect on the phone and money paid into correct bank accounts

    Children need BOTH parents to stop falling out over the CSA


  • chall says:

    SB, after reading this and your other posts, I actually do wonder at your purpose, as you have naively criticised most you have replied too ~ and made a lot of assumptions… You appear extremely biased to your own cause!
    Just like you, EVERYBODY is allowed their own opinion and thoughts ~ its part of being an adult and respecting others!

    I am proud that our site supports the ‘end of child poverty’. However, you should be aware and statistics prove, that the governments remit of ending child poverty by 2010 is not possible….. Go figure!

    The Agency is well renowned for creating arrears through their own delays, errors and maladministration, which has a detrimental effect on, as you refer, the ‘hard working fathers, who DO pay’.
    Furthermore, it appears that a lot of the arrears that are being collected at an incredulously high rate, are infact deemed for the Treasury coffers…

    Despite your efforts with ‘christine’ on another post – you should also be aware that their are indeed some NRP’s who do whatever they can to avoid making any child maintenance payments.
    It saddens me that some people can not get their heads around the fact, there are good and bad on both sides.
    SB, whatever your experience of the CSA ~ Others have theirs, just because their issues may not reflect your own, it does not make them any less important or serious!

    People will, just as they should, make their own minds up. From the beginning we have maintained we will help and support both NRP’s and PWC – each and everyone of us have 3 things in common
    1) We’re parents.
    2) The CSA have not done there job properly.
    3) Our children become victims.

    If there is any possible chance of achieving any pressured change within the system, so it accommodates those it fails, it will take aggrieved parents from both sides to stand up and be counted ~ one sided opinion has never succeeded in the past.
    No double standards, both PWC and NRP do and have receive a shoddy service, from a body that has no legal duty of care to anybody, that they have been legally forced to used. And children suffer!

  • chall says:

    – Nice one sherri – your IP has come up in my email inbox along with the post made by SB.. You really shouldn’t use your own name on your email address if your going to go round slating the opposition!!!

    Is this really what ‘deadbeatdads’ is all about…??? How low ….

    ~ If anybody requires a copy of the email/post made by the co-founder of ‘deadbeatdads association’ under the aka of SB – please email me at
    afairercsaforall@ and I will be happy to forward this to you.

  • Whitesnake says:

    @ SB: How anyone would take your group seriously after that post is beyond me. I am not even going to waste my time replying to it in depth as you have made an utter fool of yourself! I think Chall has just about summed it up in her 2 posts!

  • SB says:

    Whitesnake so nice, why have i made a fool of myself in pointing what a foolish thing they have done!!!! no matter,Tracey, yet again it is NOT my AKA ,,lol, and i certainly do not and have never worried about anything you have ever written for your ” cause” the problem here is plain and clear you do not like constructive criticism at all, i merely made a fair point i’m afraid and if you cannot clearly see how double standard your campaign is!!!!! You stand against the CSA, correct? you then go on to say you back the ” end child poverty camapign” now i was pointing out that this is the governments slogan in fleecing NRP’s who pay into the CSA/CMEC system!! so to clarify, you are against a governemnt agency and want a fairer one, yet you back the end poverty campiagn which is one and the same!!! How does this make ME look foolish?
    You used to have a go at Mobey on PCF and you used to get shot dwon time and again, yet panic ensued when unlawfull common purpose was mentioned!
    I have no intention of starting a battleground here yet once again you take offence to my posts as i note that most of the posters i have given my point of view on are in fact PWC with an axe to grind about NRP’s!! no change there then, this was your forte’ on the other forum as i recall.
    Everyone has the right to freedom of speech and everyone is entitled to an opinion, just as i have a right to respond to criticism etc.
    Once again, myself and Mobey will not become worried about being discredited, by you or anyone,and we shall continue to give our opinion, rightly or wrongly,wherever we feel we want to.

  • mobey says:

    Well it just goes to show how you don’t do any research at all, CHILD POVERTY is nothing to do with parents splitting up, we have asked Kitty Ussher face to face to give us figures on the percentage of child poverty caused through parents splitting up, she could not give us that figure as it does not exist, varoius End Child Poverty Campaigners we have approached have said exactly the same, there is no figures, so how can the CSA/CMEC use this motto of reducing child poverty by 2010 when it has nothing to do with parents splitting up, it is used as a smoke screen to treat the NRP as a terrorist for the precurement of money using deception and fraud.
    Child Poverty is political, plain and simple, if the government cared that much they would increase the benefits system wouldnt they, and lets look at it this way if you were to pay a lone parent £300 a week it depends on how that parent spends that money which will decide on the well being of the child(ren), if that parent spends £200 a wweek on booze and cigarettes or booze that leaves little for food clothes or school fees etc etc for the child(ren).
    As for your surprise at how long it took us to criticise your site, again you have short memories, you just have to look at the post CSA Persecuting Me where we offered our services to that member you have to go underneath with this
    “chall on January 1st, 2009 10:42 pm

    Your more than welcome to have a look at ~ we also have a busy forum.

    afairercsaforall was created in April 08, the forum already has 540 + members ~ there is no membership fee and we request no financial contribution to aid the running of either website.

    We offer support both resident and non resident parents.

    Best wishes to you all for a Happy New Year x”

    Again you have to be there under every post we put up, the same when we put the post “dead beat dads gets a meeting with Kitty Ussher your there again with your petition post, if we had not posted that then we could guarantee that ost would not have gone up. The newspaper article we did again you were there in the comments page google afairercsaforall don’t you have any ideas of your own? why can’t you go and do your own stuff nand get on with it.
    As for
    “If anybody requires a copy of the email/post made by the co-founder of ‘deadbeatdads association’ under the aka of SB – please email me at
    afairercsaforall@ and I will be happy to forward this to you.

    Why do you need to email it its on here for all to see or is it a case of now you want to publish SB email address to all and sundry? Be care full glass houses and stones springs to mind oh and we will get the message when we are kicked off this site this again will confirm what we already know

    As usual and as other posters have piointed out both on here and PCF you can’t take constructive criticism.

  • Chloe says:

    Mobey/ Sherry

    I think this is sour grapes dont you………… Incase you were not aware “the end child poverty campaign” has zero to do with CSA, C_MEC or government. It is a group of agencies including U.N.I.C.E.F. Barnardo’s, Children in need and many more, who joined forces to ask the government to keep promises on ending child poverty………. We at AFCSAFA are pleased to support any group, alliance or otherwise who are going to place pressure on this government to stop ANY child living in poverty…….

    Why is the above post causing you problems, you lost me I dont understand what your problem is?

    Meetings etc……….. We have plans of our own, but I would like to inform you I would not waste the media’s or our time by approaching them with any less membership of well over 4 figures…………… Because you need clout…..

    Now I told you i’m not using this sitee as a battleground…….. You know my personal email having used it for help with one of your members…………… Please use it again

  • mobey says:

    Firstly it’s Sherri with an i, lol, and secondly, it wasn’t a member we asked for help for, sorry to disappoint on that score, but rest assured we shan’t bother you with anything of that nature again.
    Why is a group who is fighting the CSA who uses this motto of reducing child poverty, using the exact same thing , either you are a group who are fighting the CSA or you are a group who is fighting who is fighting to reduce child poverty, which is it?
    What we are getting at is it’s making you look like you are supporting what the CSA are actually doing, illegally and immorally.

  • mobey says:

    Oh and a further note to point, how are you going to go to the media or anyone else for that matter when you clearly have it stated on your site that people should note that you are not activists in any way because you have your pride?!!!!
    How do you expect the word to get out for those that don’t have access to the internet? Anyone in any shape of any size in any capacity can go and approach the media, size or figures does not matter one jot.
    We make an opinion public and it creates this, and yet you accuse us of sour grapes on our part? sour grapes for what exactly? we held a meeting with a minister with more in our diaries,whats your point?

  • chall says:

    You take the time to invent AKA’s to hide behind, so you don’t have to use your usual user name to slander and slate under, and you consider that constructive? ~ How fine of you to stoop so low and be so underhand in your attempts to discredit.

    Quote mobey;”we will get the message when we are kicked off this site this again will confirm what we already know” – What on earth are you on?
    You conduct yourselves as you see fit, nothing to do with anybody else apart from the site admin if they ‘kick you off’ – maybe its time to take stock of yourselves and try to see how you come across to others. The only site you have the monopoly on is your own. Your success/failure is where it has always been – in your own hands!!

    To quote Sherri (aka SB, aka who knows how many more) “I will leave it for others to ponder over”.

    FAO, the site owner,
    My sincere apologise for all this rubbish x

  • SB says:

    You take the time to invent AKA’s to hide behind, so you don’t have to use your usual user name to slander and slate under, and you consider that constructive? ~ How fine of you to stoop so low and be so underhand in your attempts to discredit.

    Sick of saying it’s not a flaming AKA, IT’S MY RUDDY initials woman!!!! You are always there in the background Tracey wiating to jump up onto the bandwagon!!! yet you turn it around so the oleness is on us, well fine,carry on, contrary to your unpopular belief we don’t use alias’s to hide behind, everyone can go figure that ” Deadbeatdad” is him and SB is me duh!!!! You aplogiose for ” all this rubbish” yet you continue, as ever, to come in and type your rot!!!!! how eloquent of you to apologise,saves us doing any !!!!!!!! lol 🙂

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