Persecution by CSA

March 28, 2012

During the last 6 months, I have had a number of battles with the CSA and have involved my Local MP Graham Jones and Ian Duncan Smith to get a resolve…….or so I thought!

In November 2011, I was told that I had arrears of £1,500 due to the fault of the agency not doing their jobs correctly and that they wanted £92 per week from me to clear the arrears.

Due to my personal financial circumstances, this amount was far too hi, so I involved the MP and in February I finally got it resolved. I even got £25 compensation from the CSA and a written apology.

Today, a letter has arrived from the CSA saying that someone has informed my circumstances have changed and they want my last months wage slips to re-assess me again.

So, I rang them and asked to speak to their complaints team to find out what was happening as my complaint from before is still active. I was told ‘they won’t speak to you but I have the information you need’.

Without going chapter and verse on this, they would not inform me who has told them my circumstance have changed nor will they tell me in what way. They state that even though they have information given to them about me, they do not have to provide this information to me.

Due to my personal situation, my financial situation cannot change for another 6 months, but would the CSA listen…oh no, they have a legal requirement to re-assess me.

So I asked, once I have been re-assess again (twice in 8 weeks), will I return to the £92 per week, ‘yes’ was the reply ‘and you will have to explain all over again in writing why you cannot afford to pay that amount’. I explained it took months to get the matter this far, this is not fair.

I was basically told, ‘we are the CSA, we have powers and those powers are now saying to us that you are being un-compliant, which is a breach of the law’.

So now I have to start my battle all over again because a sick and twisted woman is believed by the CSA 100% and I am made out to be a lier!

The CSA is useless, worthless and quite frankly a waste of tax payers money! It is operated by idiots and those that rely soley on scripts and cannot make decisions for themselves.



  • Carol says:

    You are so right! I am so sorry you are going through this. It is ridiculous the amount of people suffering at the hands of these fools who think this system works.

    Obviously your ex has been in touch with a change of circumstances and isn’t happy you won the battle last time round. When I last spoke with the CSA they said only a PWC or NRP can make any changes to the CSA assessments etc.

    If the error was the fault of the Agency should this payment not be written off as it was their error?

  • John says:

    The CSA will come up with this pearl regarding their ‘made up’ arrears. The money will be owed to the Secretary of state. Not the PWC, Not the CSA, the Secretary fo state, to make it appear that the money has all ready been paid out to the PWC and that you owe the state. It’s basically fraud!

    The staff are incompetent beyond belief. They are not answerable to anybody. The system is not working and the legislation is flawed.I tis in fact shambolic.

    Perhaps returning to your M.P.’s office and asking them to refer your case to the Ombudsman for persistent maladministration, may help. However, be warned they are all as thick as thieves. M.P.’s, I.C.E, Ombudsman. I found in my case, that they all conspired and colluded to deny me ANY justice!

  • bri says:

    Poeple the only change these idiots will except is a “legal challenge” for the sake of £20 donation if we could get at least5000+ PWC+ NRPs to get involved we could take a massive group legal fight to the European courts.

    The media is not interested in our cases its all to get money, force NRPs into hard life long poverty and debt!

    The CSA is a threat to this country as “legal terrorists” raiding homes, bank accounts, destroying one’s mental abilities to keep a job.

    PWC appear to have it all and as an NRP myself I see nothing that the GOVT either Lab or Con want to change anything!! untless we make them

    SO PLEASE, let’s all try make a group legal challenge to this government agency corruption, lies, mistakes and robbery!

  • Brett says:

    Bri… Im up for that. Labour and now Conservatives are happy for this sham organisation to carry on as they are. The majority targetted by the CSA are “soft targets” and yes they just do as they wish, destroying peoples lives. They know they can get away with it because they target decent normal hard working people, who they know won’t go on demonstations or cause riots up and down the country. So its all hush hush and brushed under the carpet.

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