People on benefits should not be able to claim CSA – go get a job

June 30, 2013

my parters ex demanded more csa payment so after sending wage slips of 849.00 that my partner earns each month they decide to take 315 every month leaves us with like 500 a month we pay full rent full council tax school dinners for my children that we av together ,so his ex partner who as 7 kids by 4 diff men is getting 315 off us plus her other kids csa plus child bennifit child tax cred her rent n council tax paid for her by us, who work makes my fukin mad us who work get treated like the bad people them on bennifits are left to live a life like a queen.

people on bennifits should not be allowed to claim csa go n get a fukin job yes farthers shud support kids im not dismissing that but if your getting around 400 a week bennifits and csa as well i thinks its a fukin joke and the csa need closing fukin down


  • brett says:


  • brett says:

    I totally agree with you. Seven kids with four men, need I say anything more. One of the something for nothing brigade, no wonder this once proud country is in such a mess.

  • Bonnie says:

    Totally agree! there is no incentive for PWC to make a private agreement. I had experience of being a NRPP on csa1 , the PWC in the case told the NRP to give up his job, she would rather have had nothing than see him paying a reasonable amount whilst being happy in a relationship. She was also aware that my wage was included in the calculation. All these lazy PWC who don’t work and expect life on a plate – and they GET IT! Our Country has gone to the dogs. Why should the PWC in our case close it when she was getting £550pcm , (£800 with arrears) for one kid? easy money isn’t it alongside all her other benefits! if that rule changed , some people may come to an agreement instead of being greedy and using CSA to ruin the life of their ex.

  • brett says:

    I guess she’ll be on the Jeremy Kyle show today ?

  • Gonk says:

    Now this is a very good post and how coinsidental your post mirrors my reply to this posting “I don’t want to pack my job in but I may have to”
    Please read it as I don’t want to type it all again..but I am soooo intune with your thoughts and what you are saying here.
    It’s disgusting that these scroungers and burdens on society can screw us like this for all they can get.
    My ex has never done a full days work in her life,she has her rent paid for,council tax payed for ,gets all kinds of other benefits and to top it all, screws me with full support of the fucking CSA for £318 a month for 1 child that she took away from me.She also has a full time working partner living with her.The pair of them are laughing in my face .makes me want to spit teeth.

  • Sally says:


    Sorry, not really relevant to this post but I thought some of the regulars (Macon, Gonk, Lisa etc) would be interested in this link… talk about twisting things.. the CSA staff were providing WRONG information and misleading people.. that is why everyone got upset.. anywhoo.. i’ll let you read it for yourselves…

  • Lisa says:

    @ Sally

    I remember this well, though maybe they didt do a hard enough job hiding profiles from facebook, there are plenty of csa staff named and shamed online already that are recent

  • Sally says:

    The CSA should be stopping their staff coming on here touting for business by misleading PWC’s into believing that they can get them more money by using the CSA and by telling the NRP’s lies to scare them into thinking they have to do what the idiots at the CSA tell them….

    Bunch of jumped up, money grabbing liars…. all of them :-/

  • Lisa says:

    I agree, the CSA have no shame, the bonuses and targets they face weekly I wouldt put anything past the staff, trained robots is the only way to describe them, the don’t care for people, they don’t care for kids, just money, now is the time to fight back x

  • Macon says:

    Even the union that the Csa members have are out of order there advice is to assume a work name why not tell them to only give advice when they are at work so there is no conflict of interests !

  • Macon says:

    If the Csa workers come on this site and antagonise people already at a very low point of there life’s and after being financially and mentally raped by faceless imbeciles hellbent on a power trip , what do they expect to happen when there identification has been found out ?

  • brett says:

    I agree. This vile corrupt organisation needs to be exposed.

  • Jason M says:

    The VILE CORRUPT organisation are exposed! but WE do nothing about it. They have us by the bollox unfortunatly…and it’s getting worse. Unless the Government come up with a fairer way for both parents so the children do not suffer, we will have to put up with this. Even a poll-tax style march wouldn’t end it. We need a loop hole, or a supreme court decision & human rights issue that is the only way that is going to change this hell for so many NRP’s. Guy Fawkes comes to mind ; )

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