Pending CSA arrangement

January 3, 2012

Since separating from my ex partner around 5 years ago I have consistently contributed financially for our single child’s upkeep every month. This was at an amount that we both agreed and from what I have recently been told she might also have been claiming child related benefits on top. However, over time our interpersonal relationship has deteriorated and she is now threatening to make an arrangement through the CSA.

I am not fully against this arrangement as I have always contributed near to the standard 15% of my wages. I am worried that this my not be taken into account based on what ever information my ex chooses to give and may result in me being forced to pay a much higher rate than I can afford.

My ex has not requested any details from me but I am concerned that my employer will be presented with a DEO, which I’ve been told works out at around 40%. This would be highly unfair and would also make it impossible for me to meet my outgoings like bills, food, loan. etc.

What advice would you give?


  • joanne says:

    If you are paying your ex I don’t see why she is threatening csa? I’m hoping you have proof of payments to your ex just in case they do start assessing you? Only you should provide your circumstances not your ex, as that’s how things turn ugly when the pwc provides false information. I would try and avoid these incompetent morons at all costs, if your ex wants them messing up her money then tell her to do it and she can’t ask you for no more. Good luck. Hope the child isn’t being effected by this

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