Payment Issues with the CSA

October 26, 2011

I will start from the start…

Me and my x broke up 6 years ago, at present i am 29 and she is 40 we have 2 boys 12 and 9.

I have had my boy every weekend Friday – Sunday every week without fail and also had my boys every school holiday/half term living with me.

Things have been rocky over the years, i had full custody of the boys for 8 months due to their mum punching one of the boys in the face and gave him a black eye, but yet she still got the child benefit for the boys and i was living of £14,000 that i was earning.

upto July this year things were going ok, i had a daughter with a girl i was seeing, but things didn’t work out so we broke up.. i still see my daughter every week and me and the new x decided that we would go through the CSA to make the payments for my daughter so we had proof of payments.

The CSA sent out the paper work to the new ex AND to the boys mum saying i was to make payments for both my 2 boys and now my daugher…

My ex questioned this and sent them a letter to say i had the boys for the amount of time i do and that i owe her no money..

When she called the CSA they told her i had a daughter with someone else so out of spite the boys mum decided to go through the csa to get money from me as i was paying for my daughter.

The CSA told her i owed her £10,000 for not having the boys over the past 6 years but yet i had them more than their mother did… the boys mum agreed i owed this money just to get back at me for having a daughter with someone else.

At present i pay £470 a month to the CSA, i am really struggling to pay bills as my wages last me less than 2 weeks and then some days i have to go without having anything to eat just to make what money i have last till my next pay day.

I also travel 240 miles a month to see my daughter and when you get £780 after tax and csa this doesn’t really last long at all.

The boys mum has stopped me seeing my sons as i now have a daughter but yet messages me on facebook through my sons account to say shes making me pay for having a kid with someone else.

At the moment im so stressed with everything that im just contemplating on leaving work altogether and just going self employed and paying myself £700 a month that way the boys mum gets pretty much nothing.

At the moment my life just feels like a mess all because i had a gorgeous daughter but now im being made to pay for the privilege of being a dad.

The CSA shouldn’t of given the boys mum any information in regards to my daughter but as they have they have also ruined my life in regards to my weekends with my sons.


  • Mick says:

    You are right. The CSA had no right giving any information to the mother of your boys about your daughter, if they actually did and you can prove this, you may have a case against them for breaching the data protection act. As for any maintanance you pay to the CSA, for 3 kids it should not exceed any more than 25% of your nett income except for any arrears that they can add on top. Arrears can only be calculated from the point in which they had first contact with you and not before then. So if they are trying to charge you from before this point, you may have a good case to take it to a tribunal hearing. My advice to you is go get some legal advice on this. Most solicitors usually do free evening advice surgeries at least once a week. The citizens advice bureaux may be able to advise you too. Or have a look on the Child maintenence options website. they are nothing to do with the CSA and can give you totally independant advice over the phone or you can email them. I am a none resident parent and have had dealings with the CSA so i do sympathise with your plight. Mothers with care can turn nasty and play god with your kids at any point, and like you, my ex did just that with my daughter as soon as she realised i was seeing someone else and moving on with my life. They diont want you any longer, but dont want you to be with anyone either, yet its ok for them to introduce your kids to uncle tom.I think you get my drift. Anyway, give what i have suggested a try ok. Hope it helps.

  • karen bedford says:

    Please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and others for support and advice as this is unfortunately common

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