Paying too much and CSA say we can do nothing about it

September 20, 2012

My husband and I have joint custody of his daughter. She stays with us for 4 nights of one week and 3 nights of the next – so it is an exact 50:50 split.

We have recently discovered that my husband has been paying too much child support, as they have us down for less than the 50% (162 days according to their records). In actual fact, we have her a lot more than the 50% as she spends a lot of the school holidays with us.

My husband rang them and updated them and they agreed that too much was being paid – but that they had to confirm this with his ex-wife.

When they rung her, she has basically lied to them, saying that the information they originally had is correct and that we don’t have her 50% of the time!!

Now the CSA are refusing to change the payments and say that there is no way they can verify who is telling the truth!

They also told us that there is no way to appeal this decision and so basically we seem to be stuck paying too much. I have tried to get legal advice but no-one seems able to help us.

Can anyone help point us on the right direction..PLEASE?!


  • jay. says:

    This may sound stupid but start taking photos of you and the kids with dates, keep a diary and if you are having the kids more time than the pwc then child benefit needs to be changed over to your household…get advice on how to do this. With regards to the csa, go and see your mp, they can’t just take word of the pwc and need evidence to support her claim, and vice versa. Good luck

  • Gonk says:

    This is laughable although totally crazy,but all so believable.
    It’s another classic example of these unfair,unjust fuckwits called the csa believing what ever lies the PWC tells them as being the truth despite NRP’s furnishing them with all the prove they could possibly use,and the mothers furnishing then with zero proof.
    These arsehols are telling you bullshit about nothing they can do….and why? ….well it’s very simple….they believe the mother because it’s not her they are robbing each month….it’s you…’s not in their interest to believe you because you are the one they are getting the money from, believing you and righting the wrong means they get less from you to pay the treasury…’s that simple.

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