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Paying my wealthy ex wife while my family goes without

I have just started my CSA HELL!!!! read this:

I divorced in 2002 signed a consent order although not on the mortgage, I eventually settled for seven thousand five hundred pounds, my ex wife then a few weeks later for in excess of one hundred thousand pounds, taking equity of fifty to sixty thousand pounds sound fair ah!!!

I was out of work till March 2010 in this time I have another child and hear via the courts that the consent order regards the children has been removed.

So a few weeks ago I get a bill for seven thousand pounds, I calculate everything and work out it is over two grand wrong then I get told that in the new assessment that I cannot include the heafty equity she took as it no longer counts, the problem I have is that I have a three year old son that may not have home after xmas, I also work in the community for the NHS and it will have a strain on this as I travel 120 a week to work.

The ex wife is on thirty grand a year and I now have to pay 380 pound a month, nice work for her if you can get it.

2 thoughts on “Paying my wealthy ex wife while my family goes without

  1. There is nothing fair about this Agency whatsoever!

    Have they taken into account your 3 year old son on their calculations?
    You mention you were out of work. Were you in receipt of JSA or other benefit?
    From when does your ex have a claim for maintenance in?

  2. I am currently looking at going to the European Court of Human Rights over this and I will explain why?
    1 The DEO was taken without fair trial paragraph 2 of my consent order removed with guess what without my CONSENT!!!!!! (HUMAN RIGHTS ACT EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO A FAIR TRIAL) both COURTS and CSA have not.
    2 The money my ex-wife took equity out of the former marital home and the big wage she is on. And my son is only worth £8 and £10 respectfully by the children I had with previous marriage classed at £22.50 and £26. (HUMAN RIGHTS ACT everyone treated equally, BOTH for me and my 3 year old in this case I do not find this).
    3 The right to a FAMILY LIFE THIS IS ALSO IN THE HUMAN RIGHTS ACT, If my house is repossessed then all of my househould will not have the right to a family life.

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