Paying for three children and one is not even mine

March 23, 2013

I’m in arrears for £25,675.24

My weekly payment to them is £117.94 plus £1 admin charge so really I’m paying £118.94 every Friday.

The thing is I only earn around £300 a week, I live on my own so to cover my bills I put £200 a week into a seperate account, so that leaves me around -£18 to live on. I’ve explained this to the CSA and the reply I get is “its not our problem”

I’m paying for 3 children, it dates back to 2004, the thing is the 1 child isn’t mine and I’ve stated this from day 1, I’ve called them telling them he’s not my son, I’ve sent them letter after letter stating he’s not my son and still they carry on taking money from me for him, Yesterday I had a call, they asked me to pay £25,675.24 there and then, I said ” I’m broke, your already taking £117.94 a week from me, the lady replied by saying “go to the bank and get a loan then” I was shocked. I said to her “your driving me to suicide” she hung up on me.

Its disgusting how they talk to people. I never asked my wife to leave me for another man but the way the CSA treat you, Its all your fault so deal with it, Thanks for taking the time to read this, Neil Fisher


  • wilf says:

    Neil:- You will need a DNA test to prove the child is not yours.
    The CSA will not organise it for you as you are already paying for the child and therefore, in their eyes, admitted paternity.
    If the test is negative the will backdate the changed assessment to the date you first disputed paternity of that child.

  • wilf says:

    Neil:- Was the child named on the maintenance enquiry form and did you dispute paternity at that time?

  • Alice says:

    Neil – you say you told the agency from day 1 that one of the children was not your son, can you confirm how the MEF (maintenance Enquiry Form) was answered – did do this over the phone or did you receive a paper copy in the post?

    If you provided details by phone did you state on the initial call that the child was not your’s?
    If you received a paper copy did you return the form and state that one of the children named on the case was not your biological child?

    If yes to either of the above then the CSA should have offered you a DNA test to confirm the child was not your’s.

    If you did not provide the details by phone or by returning the form and paternity was presumed and you disputed paternity of this child at a later date you will need to obtain a Declaration of Non-parentage and supply this to the CSA. Once this is submitted the child will be removed from the case.

    A Declaration of Non-parentage can be obtained through your local Magistrates Court.

  • lisa says:

    Complaint sent to CSA and ICE regarding this matter, MP also involved, seems the people at the top of the CSA are actually realising with the sheer amount of complaints that they have received lately that the staff on the shop floor have not been doing there jobs properly, slowly but surely its coming out how badly treated these people are, and how nastily spoken to on the phone the csa staff are with people, what people don’t understand is to the csa we are not people, we are just numbers statistics. Thank god this guy is actually getting the help he needs now, because thanks to the CSA he is having to pay for a child that he has been asking to prove for a long time, It cant come soon enough for this shower of shit to be closed down

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