Paying ex-wife money, she denies it

April 19, 2012

Long story so will try and be as brief as possible. I have been paying my ex wife money for our daughter. She is now denying this. I have evidence of her asking for money (cash) in text messages, I have cheque stubs and I have a direct debit which the CSA were notified of. The CSA have ‘chosen’ to accept some of this but not the rest. They went to Court (about 1 and a half hours drive from me) to get a Liability Order against me.

I wrote to the CSA and the Court separately asking for the case to be moved to a Magistrates Court near me, which I had been told was my legal right. I got home tonight to find a letter from the CSA threatening Bailiffs.

I have sent this to my MP as I have been trying to involve him at every stage. I would like to know if I can stop the bailiff action? My current partner is very stressed (as am I) by all of this. We are undergoing IVF treatment and do not need this worry. Can anyone help and offer good advice? How long until we hear from the Bailiffs?? Please help!!


  • jay. says:

    Never ring them, emails and letters so you keep a paper trail, only advice is pursue the mp and keep on at them. We cancelled our 3rd round ivf as stress was not good with these bastards and they didn’t care. Let your clinic know what is happening, we did and they were great….thoroughly recommend reflexology if you go ahead. We found out that his ex was very jealous he wanted to start a family with me and made sure csa was on at us 24/7 even when we went through an ectopic, bearing in mind hes always provided for his children who are now adults and her fraudulently claiming child benefit etc. Try and keep strong and fight, don’t give up. Good luck with the ivf and baby dust x

  • Bob says:

    Its simple, every time you call them record it!

    I have done this with every call since i saw Darren Jamieson doing it in June last year. And sure enough, they do tell plenty of porkies along the way… and most of them will involve you having to pay more money.

    Its amazing how a 6wk timeframe for a variation can turn into (to press) 43wks!

    They are a corrupt agency. The people who work there while some are no doubt trying to do a job are for the most part an ex with an agenda. They refuse to accept receipts, living expenses, new family, changes in pay, debts from the marriage to ex.

  • Eugene Tracey says:

    Thanks for your comments Jay and Bob and apologies for the delay in responding to this. Been very busy work wise and trying to keep my head together whilst all this is going on!! From doing reading/research on the internet there are a lot of us with legitimate gripes. I have seen somewhere pple writing that they have taken the CSA on and won but then no details of how or who they have used. I guess what I am hoping for is someone who can recommend a barrister? or someone who can take on this organisation. I have a meeting with my MP and have even written to the PM as the way the CSA behave is disgusting. I have recorded last 2 conversations I had with them, but would appreciate any tips on how best to do this as am concerned all that you can hear is me and not them!! I feel there is enough pple with experience out there to help us and yet instead we seem to be all reinventing the wheel? I did try deadbeatdadsassociation but they turned out to be ‘deadbeat’. Good luck with your cases Eugene

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