Paying CSA means that I can’t feed my children properly

February 21, 2015

I am divorced and have 3 children, two with my ex husband and one with my current boyfriend.

My two older children are 16 and 14 and my young one is 18months, i dont work as im a full time mother and i look after my baby all day every day which is a full time job for me. my husband looks after the two older children most of the time but the 16 year old girl is rarely at his house spending most of her time at her boyfriends.

My ex husband has just started claiming benefits off me even though i have no wages or income and no way to pay them. I have the baby full time and can barely afford to feed and cloth her and myself, they are now taking 20 a month from me even though i do all the driving which costs me most of my weeks money and means i cant have fresh fruit for my baby each week and cant afford to feed my children properly.

This deeply upsets me because he owns a well off paragliding buisness and does not need the extra 20 a month but i do and i dont eat many nights a week to ensure my baby has enough to eat and so i can see my children.

I recieved a 750 bill today for meintenance from my ex and just cannot offord to pay it. I really need help to stop this being taken from me, because i have my children every other weekend and half the holidays and i dont get any money to help me pay for their food or to help pick them up. i really need help to sort this out as it is causing me so many problems when he owns his own buisness and doesnt need the benefits. Please help me figure out how to fix this 🙁