Pay for a child I do not see while on a low wage

December 10, 2010

I received CSA papers in the post today from a girl who says I am the father of her 2 year old child. I have tried to make contact with her to talk about it as I am not even sure the child is mine but the CSA said I am by default I never received any letter about this. When I rang them they said that they would pay for the test and I would have to pay them back I told them I am only in Part time temporary work and they said tough get it from somewhere.

My new partner is now expecting am I heard that because I have a second family that I would not have to pay maintance for this child that as I said I am not sure if it is mine is this true????

Also if I am going to pay maintance I want to see this child but if she will not speak to me were do I turn to I have no money to pay solicitors etc??



  • Brokenfather says:

    You must do the DNA test. If the CSA are going to pay for it up front, do it, and worry how you pay them back later, You may not have to …..

    If you are the father and in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance your child maintenance liability will be £5 pa backdated to when they first made contact with you. Once you secure employment your liability will likely be 15% of net pay, unless you are on a low income (less than £100 pw) when the liability would continue to be £5 pw. If you cease to be entitled to JSA and have not secured employment and are not entitled to any other benefits then your liability will be £0.

    Remember it is always YOUR responsibility to tell the CSA of a change in circumstances that affect your CM liabity. If you do not and they find out, any increase WILL be backdated and decrease WILL NOT.

    Also remember, if you cohabit and your partner claims any tax credits, then some of them is deemed yours and assessable for CM.

    Regarding contact. If she will not respond to your requests the only way to force the issue is to make an application to Court. You can do this yourself without the need for a solicitor, but if you are unemployed you may be entitles to legal aid for this. You will need to ask a local solicitor.

  • Michelle Gibbard says:

    is your name on the birth certificate,i ask as im possibly going down a similar route and had some very good info from someone who is taking hold of my case she said the father has denied parentage again and asked if his name was on the birth certificate i said no he isnt and her reply was she has to look back through my case and see where he disputed it before,she found it and said there are rules and guidelines they have to follow when this happens and that if you dispute parentage they have to do the dna test otherwise they will assume parentage,i was informed that they will advise him to go to court and see a judge about this where a judge will request a dna test in which turn he will have to pay for himself,but she said if the gudelines were not followed properly the first time he disputed it then he wouldnt have to pay for the test,if you went to court about this you should be entitled to legal aid if you have a low income this i would have thought might help

  • Vicky Guest says:

    I dont know if ts any help but try citizens advice buere(dont think thats spelt properly) They can advise on certain things and can tell you if u would qualify for leagal aid for free if you needed a solicitor etc,all i know is if you can get adna test done do it but most people say dont get it dont through the csa,i hope this helps and good luck 🙂

  • Sylvia Dunai says:

    This situation sucks. You should know if there is any possibility that you may be the father. I wonder how come this woman turns up out of the blue with a 2 year old claiming you're the father? Why she didnt turn up in the moment her pregnancy test turned out to be positive? Why she didnt notify you you may be the father? Did she see other guys at the same time you were seeing her? Some women are evil.

  • Peter Anderson says:

    Lets start at the beginning. Were you sleeping with her 9 months before the child was born? My stepson spotted a picture of a baby in the local newspaper and came home with the paper saying, well he looks like me and I was seeing the mother 9 months before he was born. Although there's been problem times, no contact etc, that 10 year old is now on my sofa next to his gran watching tv. Yes, your going to have to discuss with your new partner, but the next step is to get a DNA test done and take steps to see him. You may be going to gain two sons in just a few months. I just hope your new partner reacts the right way to the news. Some don't. I also agree with Vicky, get your own DNA test done, though you may have to go to Court to order her to supply the child's DNA sample. I assume you know this girl, what about other friends or family, can they find out more info for you?

  • Shaban Afzal says:

    if your on JSA or income support you can get legal aid, there are not so many lawyers left who do legal iad for many things but Duncan Lewis Solicitors do and they are very good. Try them. If your net income is not more than £2650 then you qualify.

  • Michelle Gibbard says:

    my advice go to legal aids web page there is a calculator and a phone number if your not sure if you do qualify then ring them anyway they have been soo helpful to me and are there to help they also have connections to solicitors who deal with legal aid maybe make that your first port of call as if you are entitled then they will put you through to an advisor i have just been over the mark for it but advised to keep trying every month as my household income can vary

  • Lee Hughes says:

    Shaban, £2650 monthly???

  • Sylvia Dunai says:

    It must be yearly….. Cuz I didn't qualify when I worked part-time.

  • Angela McMillan Adamson says:

    Most solicitors offer a free half hour service & can calculate whether you're entitled to legal aid. The CSA are extremely crafty in believin anythin to get more money. If you're not on the birth certificate how can the CSA assume that you are the biological father just because she says so!! Get a DNA test done & if proved positive fight your corner, you will be entitled to access if parental responsibility is proven & she can't deny that unless you're abusive etc. Unfortunately there are a lot of women who give the good ones a bad reputation, likewise with NRP's. I despise people that use their children to get what they want & more often than not it involves money.

  • Michelle Gibbard says:

    my household income is at about 17,000 and we are not entitled to legal aid it takes a lot into consideration which i never knew before.

  • Dolphin Keeley says:

    Angela I agree.

  • Bruce N says:

    Good advice from brokenfather, go ahead with the DNA test, if you are not the father, you will not have to pay any of the costs of the test, this is paid by the CSA, and your case will be closed.

  • jane says:

    my son has never really been sure if his 3 year old daughter is his. the mother does not let him see the daughter. He is paying a small amount from his jsa. The mother has told him before that shes not his. Now she is telling him that hes not the father. The CSA just say to get a dna, but when your on benefits how do they expect him to pay for one. My son messaged her about getting a dna, she said he may be shocked. wonder what that means!!!!!! but she wont let my son see the daughter to get a sample……anyone out there having the same problem…

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