Pathetic system – is compensation possible?

August 29, 2013

My Case with the CSA closed in October 2012. They even paid me the money they owed me due to overpayment. 10 months later, the pathetic system they use has issued a court order to my employer to start taking payments again. On the 10th of the month I contacted the CSA to alert them to the situation and to explain that the payment should not come out of my wages. I have Direct Debits to honour and they wont be paid if I dont receive my wages. The person I spoke to was very helpful and told me that as soon as they receive the money they would forward it back to me. I get paid on the 15th of the month. On the 21st of the month I still had not received the money they had ‘STOLEN’ from me.

They then began to take my bank details and told me I would be contact within 48 hours to confirm my details. 2 days later on receiving the phone call to confirm my details I lost the conection due to the area I was in. I still haven’t received any further call. I tried contacting them again but they say there is nothing more I can do but just wait for another call. I looked at the complaints proceedure but it in its self is a nightmare. I now owe money that I cannot pay because these idiots can’t do there jobs properly. If anyone knows if I can claim compensation for the stress they are causing me and how do I get lost interest on the money they owe me, I’d be greatful.


  • Pete says:

    Yep the norm again more fraud from the scum please feel free to join csa ripoffs in Facebook

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