Partner’s ex refuses to let his daughter stay in our house for petty reasons

March 11, 2013

My fiance and I have been together 2 and a half years and I have been actively involved in his daughter’s life throughout.

I have a daughter myself who is the same age and they are like sisters. We are due to get married in 3 months and now his ex has developed a gripe with me and won’t let his daughter stay at our house anymore. He has paid CSA ever since they split over 3 years ago and has had his daughter every weekend without fail ever since.

Can she change the arrangement for petty reasons? And can my fiance stop the CSA payments until this is sorted in court?


  • Alice says:

    access and child maintenance are considered as separate issues so your fiance should not stop paying his child support pending the access issues being resolved. If he stops paying his case will go into arrears and the agency will contact him for payment, if he was to refuse to bring his payments up to date the agency would most likely to impose a deduction of earnings order.

    Also if an access case goes to court the NRP is not looked on favorably if they have stopped paying their child maintenance

  • lisa says:

    Sounds to me like a little bitterness on the ex,s behalf, maybe because your getting married, best thing to do keep paying her the same amount as you have been previous and get recipets for this to prove, All spitefull ex,s run to the CSA your an easy target for cash you see, unfortunatly for your fiance he isnt allowed to move on and have a secure family in the eyes of the CSA or the PWC, its a case of shut up and pay up, if you feel like your not getting anywhere complain to the top people at csa, they will eventually listen, its about time these women were stopped from using the ex as aa walking bank, its not bloody fair, im not saying kids shouldt be supported but JSA and IS is £71 a week, why should 1 child most of the time through CSA get upto 5 times more than that, shows single mums living on benefits and claiming CSA is the way to go through life being lazy bitches, good luck i hope you get this sorted and get the access back

  • Carrie says:

    It does sound like jealousy from the ex. While you were just b/friend & g/friend maybe she was hoping you might not stay an item but your taking the relationship to a whole new legal level with new rights etc so this could be why she’s been ‘difficult’. As Alice says you must stay compliant to be looked favourably on .You will only be accruing arrears if you stop paying . I am suffering at the hands of an ex ,funny how its all directed at me now after all these years(nearly 10!) Has she forgotten who looked after her children (along with their Dad )every weekend until they were teenagers & gave her every weekend to do what she wanted to do ? Looks like I’m past my usefulness now & she’s caused no end of problems for us! Ive even had to go to the police for help.

  • John F says:

    that is the first rule that should be changed !…I have been a victim of this…paying for 9 years and not being allowed to see my boy..absolutely disgusting…If the PWC decides upon no more contact for no good reason (exception PROVEN Domestic violence etc) and not because the NRP is getting on with their life then payments should stop there and then ! end of….at least the NRP will have the pleasure of seeing their children although financially broken. You PWC’s that do this are sick and do not deserve to have children and yes…you are using your children as just Tools….I know as i have two exes that have done this…but NRP’ not give up fighting for your children..i didnt and now have full residence of my two daughters ! so PWC’s Be very careful!

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