Partner’s ex lies about child being in full time education so we pay CSA

August 8, 2012

My fiancee has been paying csa for the last 17 years. Recently his daughters college confirmed she was doing a part time course of 10 hours a week. We provided this letter to csa of which they informed us his payments wont stop until child benefit ceases for the parent in care.

We sent this letter to child benefit and to our MP who confirmed they will investgate this for us. As the parent in care just fills out a form ticking her daughter is in full time education, they dont seem to persue it and csa keep taking the payments from us. The parent in care also confirms she knows what she is doing and continues to claim child benefit.

I find it disguisting that she is able to do this. You provide the information to them and they sit on it. If people commit fraud they should suffer the consequences but my partner is clearly being stolen from. The process is soo unfair. What is a joke is our MP has been involved, helping us and child benefit refuse to deal with him. Arent all these companies government run. What a joke.

I want this to go to court so we can tell them exactly how it is but it is soo draining and has damaged his relationship with his daughter as the mother continues to lie making out he doesnt want to pay. He has been paying for 17 years. 16 years of that she was indeed entitled to. Why do people use their kids for a money bank. Its not right. W


  • Alice says:

    The CSA give the PWC money from the NRP who in turn start to rely on this extra amount each week/month.When the time comes when the child leaves school/college/starts work, then the PWC loses child tax along with child benefit.Of course the PWC is going to hold on to Child benefit because it means losing a lot of money.My stepdaughter left college this June child benefit stays till 4th September when the PWC loses this money and will also lose Child Tax,the stepdaughter on the 5th September because she is 19 in the October will be able to claim JSA.The PWC is very unhappy and the fights she and her daughter are having means the SD is staying with friends on and off.Child Support ends Monday before 19th birthday.

  • jay. says:

    Keep phoning the child benefit fraud line, this is what we did and it saved us 4000.00 last year!! Also my husband’s eldest daughter moved out of her mothers home in 2003 and mother kept claiming til 2006…how do they get away with it? Think child benefit fraud might be bigger than we think and its about time the government addressed it.
    Keep writing to the csa and mp, show them that you will not back down! I agree with Alice, some pwc’s don’t seem to realise that children grow up, its about time they started taking responsibility for their own lives.

  • Murray says:

    I am in the same boat, my daughter turned 18 two weeks ago, at which point I got the solicitor involved where he stated that I was within my rights to ask for proof that my daughter is still in education.

    The letter was drafted and sent, stating that I was not shirking any financial obligations but was merely wanting proof that my daughter was in education. Seven days later I receive a letter from the CSA demanding payment and threatening me with arrestment of my salary.

    I have paid for over 15 years and have never shirked away from anything but surely the system is wrong when the CSA take the resident parents word for it and just pursue the NRP for more £££.

    Such an unfair system for the NRP, CSA do not care that I am now married and haved another child, nor do they care about what has happened in the past. All they care about is ££££ and statistics.

    Disgraceful that I have now to gather all info to prevent a wages arrestment whilst my ex sits on her backside living off state benefits.

  • Alice says:

    When a child reaches 17 years why dont the CSA reduce payments by a third,child reaches 18 years reduces payments by two thirds, till finally CS ends before 19 th birthday.This way the PWC gets used to the money reducing and then when it finally stops wouldnt see a 100% drop.Also Child Benefit could do more to stop benefit fraud,its not right that a PWC can say yes a child is in college ,gets payments made and then child drops out of college. The college should be made to tell the student and the PWC that they will inform child benefit office if the child does not sign into college (say)4 weeks .

  • jay. says:

    Alice, good idea in theory, but what about the school leavers that go onto work? Personally I don’t know why child benefit can’t request proof from the pwc instead of just their word for it, and when csa are involved work together with the nrp when they have concerns. When we informed the csa regarding my husband’s daughter it took us doing the run around to prove she wasn’t staying on at college, because they took word of the pwc!!! We had the same issue with his son too and fraudulent child benefit claims.

  • Alice says:

    After 20 years plus with dealing with the CSA I can now lead a normal life due to the fact that we are now finished with the CSA.The stepdaughter is 19 years old and has gone on JSA.Her mother has just lost £78.00 aweek in child tax and child benefit.Also she has informed us that her housing benefit will be reduced.While I could gloat at the situation(we have paid £££££££ throughout the years) I do feel that the way the law is with paying CS does not help the PWC to adapt to a huge loss when the time comes to the child reaching the cut off point. I have been a NRP’s partner and a PWC to my 17 year son (no CS given).and I do feel that big changes could be made that would help both parents bringing up children.Firstly 2nd families lose out big time ,single mums on their own lose out big time,but a PWC with a partner their income should also be taken into consideration and no way should the tax credits be took for CS from the 2nd families.I am just so happy that our time has come to get ourselfs back on top,but will not forget that other PWC and NRP’s are still going through the hell of the CSA.

  • brett says:

    Congratulations Alice. Ive been a gold card holder of the CSA since it was first set up. Ive had two cases overlaping and still have five and a half years of hell to go through with this vile organisation.

  • Helen Close says:

    Horrendous isn’t it. We are in the same boat! Our’s is a long story! My husband split up with his ex when their daughter was 2.5yrs old. We met when she was 4. He had to take the ex to court to get access and so that we could lead some sort of life. He paid her maintenance directly. 2 years ago, stepdaugthter by then almost 14, her mother threw her out and told us she had to live with us told daughter “your dad doesn’t love you, doesn’t want you etc etc” and “if you don’t have her I’m putting her into foster care”. We took her in. Our two children were 3 yr old and 18 mths old at the time. She lived with us for 3 months, and caused hell, basically because her mum carried on playing mind games. During this time her mother paid us nothing. She went back to her mum. And her mum went to CSA. They took into account Childcare element of child tax credit that I was getting, plus the tax credit we had received whilst while she was living with us. 6 months later we found out that stepdaughter had been put into care, but my husband had still been paying maintenance. Stepdaughter and mum are now reunited and have moved and refuse to give us address. My husband’s relationship is now estranged with his daughter. She turned 16 in Aug and hasnt been at school for the most of the last 3 years. Now all of a sudden she’s going to college! Mum is still getting child benefit – ticks a box on a form – and hey presto the £ keeps flowing. Daughter’s course can’t be longer than 6 hrs a week – because of level of quals she has – if she even attends at all. We have stopped paying CSA (husband self employed) , but CSA on our backs, threatening action. Have reported mum for benefit fraud just so they check claim out. Child benefit office said unless its reported as fraud “we don’t check out every individual claim”. We don’t believe she’s going to college and if she is she’ll never stick it out. Her mother is just using us to get money. Of course if daughter is attending college religiously then great, he’ll pay. But we are being chased by CsA and have no way of proving or checking out our suspicions, as we no longer know her address.

  • craig says:

    I pay for everything relating to school for my 2 children aged 9 and 11, and i receive csa payments for 1 of the children which is correct. the mothe of my children has now made a claim for maintainence for my other son and this has been approved by the csa, but my ex still insists that i carry on and pay for everthing, i have payed without question for 4 years but to be told i now have to pay even more is wrong, she has misled the csa but they not interested in this, her new partner is being re- assed as he is claiming my children with them full time which is a lie, csa not intesested,
    this is just another problem in the long list of problems over the past 4 years, lots of lies from a serving dc in the gmp, police also not interested despite being fraud. not given up the fight of to court with the csa,

  • Vince says:

    My daughter turns 18 next month and i want to find out if she is in education or not how do i do this.
    I do not hold much hope reading the comments above.

  • Vince says:

    Does anyone know why the CSA havent started moving people onto the new system that is fairer. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET ONTO THE NEW SYSTEM

  • Sarah says:

    Advice needed!

    My partner and I have been paying maintenance fro his ex for many years who then decided to go through csa (she gets less now as fees took off), but my partners eldest is 17 now, he is in college 2.5 days a week and works 4 days a week, my partner had a conversation with csa and they asked had anything changed for his eldest he said no he’s doing XYZ, two nights ago my partner got a call off his son giving abuse and then his ex, she got a letter off csa saying son only in part time and working, but she had told them full time education only, so she has stopped us seeing the kids now? She said we have blew her up? She called csa again and said defo full time education ? Now csa have told us they have referred her ot be investigated by child benefit etc? My point is how are we meant to no she lies? How can she stop us seeing children over money? And his son has now blocked his dad, it’s a real mess and we have had nothing but trouble for years and ultimately it’s all down to money – we are at a loss

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