Partner’s ex is dodging CSA so she won’t receive a penny

August 23, 2016

This is on behalf of my partner who has never received csa for 12 years. Now that her daughter is 13 and as all teens their demands and costs go up. My partner filed a case with csa back in April 2016, it’s now August 2016 and after months of her ex dodging the system she still hasn’t seen a penny. Firstly he submitted earnings that equated to £141 per month on minimum wage for one child.  Because he’s missed payments they have requested back pay +20% recovery fee. He has since put in new pay slips and the new monthly payment has dropped to £124 which apparently includes the 4mths back pay and fee. He’s still working full time so how can this be right.


One Response to “Partner’s ex is dodging CSA so she won’t receive a penny”

  1. terry on August 28th, 2016 3:25 pm

    C.s.a are load of rubbish . . They need to change all thier policies.. My ex did exactly the same. asked his boss to reduce his hours for a few weeks …got low payslips to show csa . Then went back on to full time and overtime.

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