Partner overpaid the CSA, will he get his money back?

August 13, 2012

I’m actualy looking for a bit of advice for my husband,

He has 2 kids to a previous relationship and has always payed his money for the kids..

last year my husband took up a second job. this was with G4S, it was only bank work, he only worked with G4S for a few months and in that time only got 300 pounds wages..

But CSA contacted him to pay more money for his kids cuz on the second job.. and he did…

After a few months he left G4S and rang CSA to tell them… Yet the still took 57pound a WEEK! from his wages.. Only last week they rang him about something so he brought it up with them.. they said they would look in to it, as he was paying 57 pound a week for a year when he should have only be paying 17 pound a week…

Question is… will he get the money he is due back??

If you could answer this i would be so gratefull..

kind regards..

Mrs S Nicol


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  1. Carol on August 13th, 2012 6:29 pm

    Did the CSA complete a re-assessment when he left G4S? Normally you would have to prove you notified the Agency of a change but a telephone call would be hard to prove. It could be worth your while getting a copy of your file from the DPU Unit, CSA, Newcastle. There is a small fee of £10 for this but it could prove in any complaint you have that you made a call and that the CSA should have acted on it.

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