Parents should stop acting like children and do what is right for their kids!

May 2, 2017

I just wanted to say that after reading many complaints a lot of fathers think ALL women are out to get money and stop the men seeing the children.

This is very sad because I’ve always believed that if you separate it gas nothing to do with patenting and mothers or fathers have equal rights to see their children! I upheld my beliefs and when I separated because of a 13 year marriage filled with violence towards me (not the children at that time) I allowed access on weekends and holidays and wherever possible as I believe it’s not morally right to stop a (good father) seeing he’s children, but in my case I discovered through my daughter their father transferred he’s abuse to them after we had separated and it’s my duty as a patent to protect my babies so I stopped contact, he was investigated through cafcass and a section 7 report revealed abuse of my children 😡 he is NOT allowed to see or contact the children due to he’s violent behavior and that is he’s own fault.

I’m sorry for any fathers out there that are not allowed access due to a relationship breakdown who are GOOD fathers, but it is still financially right to support the children’s day to day need ‘s. I understand a lot of women are childish and use children as tools and this is very wrong, because it’s hurting the children and I just hope that women and some men can wake up and be adults and stop playing silly games with children’s lives.



  • Tock says:

    you can talk, you are not the one paying.

  • Jayne says:

    The csa have awarded me just over £7,000 which was backdated from 2002
    My ex was a bully violent aggressive demeaning physical abuser the List is endless, to which I had one child with him and he was stepfather to my other children.
    I had two children from a previous marriage (which he never paid a penny in csa) he somehow managed to escape any responsibility for them.
    After 13 years of abuse I left him but the abuse continued to present day, him and his girlfriend find it amusing to torment me and boasted how they had lied to the csa
    They also had me arrested for violence against his girlfriend which was totally made up and she boasted how the police believed her, she later admitted she was going to drop the charges.
    My child had to go to cafcass as he said I was abusing her this affected her emotionally as he read the statement she made to them as a bedtime story, after we had been told to read and dispose of (they had told my daughter it was in confidence and we as parents would not be told) which I find absolutely abhorrent as they totally abused her trust. she has struggled with trusting people and was withdrawn for a long time) I was drug tested and so was he mine came back negative and his came back with high levels of pot” & cocaine. He has now received a very large sum of inheritance and csa have taken the £7,000 out of his bank I am now suffering a new type of bullying from them both.
    He also used to buy some food for his daughter which he told her it was just for her, but not for his step children
    Basically I am on disability & want to know if this lump sum will affect my benefits.
    I also deserve every penny he owes.

  • Jane says:

    Tock? Yes I can talk I’ve not received a penny since I split up from my violent zbuduvr controlling ex husband ! So yes I can talk because I don’t get a penny and I should seen as I raise my three children and he pays nothing !

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