Owed money by the CSA

November 10, 2010

I have sent two letters and endless hours of telephone calls to the CSA. My elderly parents recently took out a loan to help me with my arrears which we paid off in full they have sent an amendment letter still asking for arrears. They now owe me money. Funny how if I refuse to pay they can put me in prison etc, but when they owe me money they don’t care and wont help.

I’ve been promised phone calls letters which never materialise it is making me ill I can’t pay other bills because of thier incompetence I have had ballif letters which I have tried to explain that I am unable to pay because the CSA owe me money! What can I do they haven’t even changed my address everytime I phone they have my previous address despite me ammending it everytime I phone which was 5 times in one day can you believe it? They wont let me speek to a supervisor or manager they have no records of previous calls like I said I phoned 5 times in 1 day n there was no records of my previous calls?????

But I had a lecture off 1 person for my attitude so if they had no record of previous calls how did she know I had given previous attitude of course I get angry I get tossed about with no answers I can’t even understand the northern Irish accent I know its not thier fault but it doesn’t help! What am I to do? I am so desperate it is seriously making me ill I have been perscribed anti depressants and sleeping pills.

I am doing the right thing and paying for my children as long as the CSA get my money they don’t care about anything else. Please somebody help me.


  • Paula Halsey says:

    Use the online complaint form and email them every 10 minutes, thats how i got them to remember me

  • Richard Murray says:

    brilliant idea tomorrow i am going to do that all day !!!!

  • Peter Anderson says:

    You are NOT doing the right thing! Your children are probably NOT receiving any of the money you have been paying. Ask for receipts showing what the money has been used for. If you want to support your children ensure the money you have is spent directly on them! Never phone the CSA unless you just want to give them hell! Write to them and give them fourteen days to pay you the money they owe, copy to your MP, then go down to your local County Court and take out a small claims against them. Then they might just jump up and do something. The CSA is a complete scam! The money collected is NOT for Child Support, it's just for them, to pay bonuses to their staff etc.

  • StephenGe says:

    If you request a supervisor callback, then you will get one. It can be up to 48 hours after you request it, but they *have* to call you back.

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