Owed money but nobody is helping me

December 17, 2012

I have emailed my MP in london with no responce and i am sick of the CSA. I have tried to get payment for nearly 10years now.

I get close each time for them getting my ex partnet to pay but he tells the csa some story and it never gets paid, he as given his job up 4 times when they was close to attachment of earning and nothing is done about it, i have got my son and i work.

I am in dealt due to me struggling all the time, i feel there is no help for people like me who as always worked and need to get cs payments to manage day to day living, i am owed over 1 thousand pounds and the goverment even though i have made more phone calls that anyone nobody is helping me.

I am depressed now and find all this is a struggle on my life, please can you help me to get payments or my arrears paid to me.


  • karen bedford says:

    Sorry to say there are so many people like you out there with the same or similar problems. If you have exhausted the complaints procedure and MP – then if you want to join the facebook groups Child Support Agencies Failings and other groups too – for free advice and support. Good luck.

  • chall says:


    Have you escalated your case to a clearly marked complaint? – If not, do so. Keep copies of every thing and post signed for.

    It may prove helpful if you request your Data Protection File, including dated notepad sections and a complete account breakdown. There is a £10 fee and the CSA have 40 consecutive days to furnish you with the information.
    Once in receipt you should be able to establish what work the agency have done on your case and whether or not it has been subjected to agency delays/errors – if it has you could apply for financial redress.


  • Alice says:

    @ Melanie – is your ex currently in employment and if so do you know where he is working? If so supply these details to the CSA asap and ask that they impose a safe-rate deo asap. The amounts being collected on a safe-rate DEO whilst the case is being brought up to date (new employer and income details being gathered for a new MC based on current circumstances) and the arrears may be changed when the new MC is in place, but it would at least get some money coming in towards what is outstanding. If your ex leaves his job the payments taken by DEO would stop until a new employer is found and a new DEO imposed, but hopefully you will get something.

    A DEO will also take time so payments will not start immediately, they would depend on various factors such as pay frequency, payroll cut off dates etc – any payments taken in January (if a DEO was successfully implemented in time for cut ff dates) should be fwd’ed to the agency by 19th of Feb and pending bank clearance times should be in your account towards the end of Feb. Once a DEO is imposed and providing the NRP stays with the employer and his income remains relatively steady ( no unpaid holidays, reduced hours or periods of SSP etc) payments tend to fall into a regular monthly pattern. No payment is guaranteed as there are many things that can happen which would prevent deductions being taken. The CSA can only pay out money that is paid to them so any shortfall or unpayable deductions would not be paid out.

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