Overpayment by ex leaves me paying it back to CSA

November 13, 2011

In the year 2008, my ex and his girlfriend had a little girl and they continued to live together until 2009. Meanwhile my ex continued to pay me maintenance money which has by the way never changed since 1998 even though his wage has gone from 12,000 per annum to 35,000.00 per annum plus 20% bonuses twice a year.

So he continued to pay me 80 per week, until i was left with just one child for him to pay maintenance for and then last year in 2010 the csa gave him a cheque for £2000.00 saying that he had overpaid me because of his new child born in 2008 he should have been paying me less money, except nothing was ever mentioned to me about this and he continued paying me the same amount. Now the 2000 pound debt is mine.

They have produced no evidence to back this up and refuse to discuss this any further and say once my child maintenance stops i will have to pay the remainder of the money and at the moment for the last year they have been taking 10 a month away from me to pay towards to 2000 pounds that they say i owe them.


  • bob says:

    So a guy has been paying you too much since 2008 and you say you shouldn’t be paying it back? Hmmm 80 per week is more than enough. It’s over 320 per month

  • Terry says:

    I agree. £80 a week is more than enough. You are lucky. They are only taking £10 a nonth off you.
    When they come up with arrears for the NPC they harass you to pay it asap.

  • Vince says:

    If you think you have something to complain about, think again!!!!

    I was a single father for 10 years and got no maintenance from my ex, even though the CSA say they did everything possible (haha – once I waseven told by the CSA that I was the father and I should support myself).

    When I moved with my job when my son was 14, he chose to stay near his friends and live with his mother. Imagine my surprise when I received a bill for £400 a month to pay a woman who I had not received anything from for 10 years!

    Long story short, I had to give up work due to the stress and still pay £5 a week from my benefits. I enquired recently when I should stop paying as my son was no longer in school. I was told it should have stopped 2 years ago.

    Now to my reasoning that means I overpaid by 2 years, but for some unknown reason, I only overpaid by £13.95 (which I have received). However, they still haven’t sent me a statement which I have asked for 5 times now to show how they calculated that.

    If you were overpaid, you pay it back! I am so fed up of women complaining they are so hard done to when it comes to child maintenance. Just how much do you think it actually costs to feed and clothe a child. The government says its £63 a week for an adult to live and pay bills but you are complaining you only got £80 a week for a child????

  • leigh says:

    I think ten pound a month is ample to pay all the men on here moan how unfairly they been treated they only take a certain amount as u have a protective income

  • Wow £80 a week! I don’t even get that much for my daughter just now from the government. I have to say, I agree with the men here. £80 is more than enough! I’ve only just set up a case with the csa and my daughters dad has just started working so haven’t received any money but I know I’ll only get between 10-20 a week which is fair. HMRC give you money for your child’s food, clothing etc.. How much more does one really need..

  • leigh says:

    It all to do with what ur ex partner works I get 84 pound a week and believe it or not I work full time and my sons 12 now have u seen the price of clothes ! If the men earn it pay it

  • leigh says:

    Hmrc gives me NOTHING for my son I work for it get no tax credits what so ever and they don’t give u 80 lovey!

  • tom says:

    Leigh……so your saying with the price of clothes £84 a week is easily justified, what do you clothe him in, Ralph Lauren and LaCoste!!!!
    Its PWC women like you who use the CSA for all the wrong reasons…………….leave you did he??? its obvious why!!!

  • joanne says:

    Lol I didn’t just mean clothes lol I meant everything my son needs if he want he gets and I used csa as I didn’t want his dad not pa)ing haha good old csa.

  • joanne says:

    I use csa as it there 4 a reason,, to support the kids! Fact are u a nrp parent mate yes I think so

  • Mark says:

    Paid the ex CSA payments since 1995, during this time I brought up the eldest daughter followed by the middle one a few years later. Done this with now help from the ex.
    Know the youngest has left home, which the ex refused to admit, but the CSA agreed to close the account YIPEE.


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