Overpaying the Child Support Agency

August 2, 2011

I recieved a call at work in late October 2004 from a woman at the csa telling me i needed to make payments to them for my 4 children, 2(22 & 19) from my previous marriage & 2 from my current marriage. I explained that this was not the case & under a court order made in 1990 when my 1st marriage ended i had kept up payments until they were both 16.With my other 2 children(14 & 10) from my current wife i asked why should i be paying anything as we were still together as a couple. This womans attitude stank & i told her she had no idea what she was talking about, she then said they would be getting an attachment of earnings.

The following month over half of my monthly earnings had been taken & this carried on for several months with me making constant calls & e-mails speaking to different people each time as they were either off sick or had left.This put a great strain on my marriage & i eventually lost our family home as we could not keep up with the repayments.Eventually by 2007 someone finally believed my story after i sent them copies of my bank statements outlining the payments made to my girls. At the time of them contacting me my girls had grown up & both had children of their own who i was also supporting.At present i am now seperated from my wife my children have their own lives but i’ve been left with a bitter taste that due to these idiots i’ve lost everything i’ve worked hard for.

Now that im out of work i am now trying to see if i can recover the money taken from me which i think the illegally did without any regards for my current position.


  • lisa says:

    Since nobody replied to your post, how did you get on with these nasty gits at csa, did you manage to get your refund???

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