Overpaid CSA; can I ask for it back?

March 10, 2011

Have spoken to an advisor today re my account which is currently £1007.40 in credit. This has come about from a combination of circumstances and mistakes.

It started almost two years ago when I received a D.O.E (deduction of earnings) order. The reason for its issue left a bitter taste. I was paying via direct debit, monthly. I set this up and couldn’t remember the exact figure. Turned out it was £5.25 to much. Continued to pay the wrong amount (to much by £5.25), foolishly ignored request to reduce the amount as I thought it was better to be in credit with the account and was ultimately issued with the D.O.E.

Several phone calls later I had had enough and foolishly just accepted the situation thinking at least there would be no further issues.

All this happened circa sept 2009.

Circa aug 2010 my son chose to live with me and the csa were informed.

A reassessment followed which showed I was liable to pay a further £80 more than I was currently paying taking the new total to £406.77.

Wow, came as a shock but the D.O.E was re-issued for the new amount.

This months payment (feb 2011) was £723.84p, as I was in arrears?

Have contacted them to ask how the arrears had been accrued as I had the deduction of earrings and had no hand in payments or assessments other than to provide them with any information they requested.

No one could give me a clear explanation as to how this had occurred. When paying through the csa you recieve a yearly with all showing a zero balance.

Further to this I have received an assessment showing that I should have been paying £259.59 backdated to when my son moved in with me.

It turns out I have overpaid by £1007.40. I have been told by the advisor that cannot be paid back as I have the D.O.E. And that the money will be offset against future payments meaning I only have to pay £200.00 per month until sept 2012, Because they took the amount they did from Feb wages I currently have £20 to get to work etc. Until march payday.

Can I demand the money be returned to me from the csa. Surely it is my choice?

Thank you.


  • Peter Anderson says:

    Why did they do a DEO when you were paying too much? How ridiculous!

    And, why do you have to continue paying after your son came to live with you, or is there more than one child?

    Yes, you can get the money back! Write, do not phone, demanding it back and giving them fourteen days to pay. If they don’t then make an application to the small claims Court at your local County Court.

    I don’t know why they don’t just reduce your payments. But then the CSA staff don’t have any intelligence. It seems they made a DEO because you weren’t paying the correct amount, but were overpaying!

    Can you come join us on Facebook? CsaHell on Facebook is down at the moment so for the moment we are discussing on Against the Csa on Facebook, or if you need help with contact you can go to Separated Dads or Dads with Kids, both on Facebook.

  • fourvees says:

    When the CSA admitted they had taken £2500 too much from my wages they Laughed at me when I said I wanted my Money Back.
    The CSA said that I shouldn’t waste my time telling my MP as he will do nothing.
    They were right My MP George Freeman knows that the CSA overcharged me but has said that he is unable to do anything.
    Here we have a government organisation that is Laughing all the way to the bank stealing money through DEO mistakes, how many times does it have to occur before it’s seen as deliberate THEFT !!

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