Over paying the Child Support Agency

March 16, 2011

The court sorted out that i was to pay £300 a month on what i earn which was the same if you use the CSA calculator.

Anyway my ex thought she could get more out of me and went to the CSA. The CSA wrote to me and wanted my last 3 months pay slips. I sent these in but they wasn’t my true earnings as i had been doing loads of overtime, working everyday doing 12hrs.

They worked out that i had to pay an extra £100 a month more as thats what i earn, even though i had told them what was overtime.I sent in proof of my annual salary but they didnt want to know.

As i was struggling to pay the £300 and look after myself i worked everyday to get extra to help me and then get told to pay even more.

Well i feel that this is all wrong and i feel like jacking work in and go on the dole. I pay my way to her and still have my kids every other week-end, all school hols and buy them clothes, etc.

As the CSA treated us who pay wrong, now the kids will lose out all round as they are forcing me now to leave my job. It just stinks.


  • hg says:

    if you are having your kids overnight then the CSA will discount the amount you are paying….urge your ex to be resonable as she will lose out aswell if you give up work and then the kids do too! It is dispicable how people use their kids as a meal ticket…greed is an ugly thing! Good luck!!

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