Our children need the support they deserve

September 17, 2014

Of all the stories on here, I understand everyone’s frustration. I have 3 children by my ex husband.

We split 3 years ago on Halloween. I opened a case within 4 weeks and I haven’t had a penny. Why because he’s self employed or jumps from job to job, thus avoiding payment.

The systems all wrong, csa should have the power to attach to national insurance numbers not just employers. Then our children would get the support they deserve.


  • carolina silva says:

    My my there really are some bitter people out there!
    My only point is that I didn’t make our children alone, they want for nothing because I provide them with my full time job ! I would however like a little support for my children so that they can have extras. Not because I’m money grabbing oh contra. What has been agreed would pay for weekly school dinners! It is about the principal that should you bring a child into this world then you should provide for that child/children.
    I am aware there are mothers/fathers out there that will use said contribution else were. But I dear am not one. I am nothing but open with my children (two are teens).

  • Gonk says:

    Shut your pie hole Jill betterton…..you don’t know WTF you are banging on about.
    I for one would happily pay, at the moment, I unhappily pay because I believe that the Nrp should have control of what he is assed to pay his children and be able to spend it on his children. I OBJECT to having being forced to hand it over to a bloody money grabbing ex to top up her and her partners incomes. Why the HELL should I not have a say in how my money is being spent? The system is exploited by many women because of it. I know there’s no way my ex is spending the £300 a month forced out of me, on my daughter, lol…I bet she only gets about £50 of that money,the rest buys the mother and her partner, nights out,fags,new shoes etc etc . They both work, she gets all the benefits as we’ll , my money probably pays for their new car or holidays. So you JILL BETTERTON wipe the shit out of your eyes. Most dads have no problem paying for their kids…like me, most of them have a problem paying it to the dammed ex.

  • Gonk says:

    @ Simon Scott
    You are sooo bloody right with your comment…..you see Jill betterton……seems it’s not just me and thousands of other dad’s that think the same.

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