Old to New system

January 6, 2012

I was originally assessed by the CSA in 2000 so i am on the old system! I have recently been re-assessed by the CSA for the first time and my payments have more than dubbed. I have never winged or complained about paying for my son. As a parent you should be responsible for your kids and i have always payed for him.

My complaint is for one rule for everyone within the system. In 2003 the new system was that you pay 15%, 20%, 25% for your kids which sounds fair but if you are on the old system you stay on the old system which means they can take up to 30% of my wages. My resent assessment has just bubbled my payments and because the CSA lost my paper work i am now more that £1300 in debit. Now if I was going throw the CSA now as a new case i would be paying £20 less than i was according to the online calculator.

Is it fair that if you are on the old system that when being reassessed that the CSA should move you over and not keep you on the old system? There answer is that for me to move over to the new system I would have to have an other kid this would actually work out cheeper but why should i have to think this way just to be treated the same as every one ells?


  • bob says:

    This is discrimination. There will come a day when someone has the financial clout to bring these morons to the European court. There is such a discrepancy with the csa, some people paying imaginary arrears, some people paying extra, some paying too little to build up arrears and of course some people not paying at all

  • Steve says:

    I was told by the csa a few years back that I wouldn’t be moved on to the new system unless my circumstances changed. Two months on benifits a new job and the ex getting married and I am still on the old system.

  • Jamie cornford says:

    to be honest you have got off lightly with only owing 1300 the same happened to me and three years later i am still paying back pay to clear the debt. each year they say i should of cleared the debt in a years time it never happens. i really think they should just come up with wage brackets and set amounts for children then at least everyone would know where they stood

  • john mckee says:

    im on old rules as well not fait i pay about 40 a weak more under them ive told theem to take me to court they are breaching my human rights but i want to phone them and say if im on the old rules you stop paying when the child is 16 under new rules 18 but when i confront them with this they will probably say you pay till 18 they are the ones changing rules and its not right

  • Shaun says:

    Am the same…been on the old system till day dot…one child and may as be paying for 3…only plus I have is that the new system coming that adds another 20 percent to your bill….as am on the old system I still be on that….that’s a killer that 20 percent..and 4 percent for PWC….hmmm…seem bad doesn’t really make the PWC want to sort it if they want to put the boot in more..

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