NRPs should pay for the children

February 16, 2011

I hate the CSA.

Ever heard of a Cross Border Enforcement Order? The CSA use it to enforce payment from Ireland…haha you idiot.

And ever heard of REMO they use that when you claim to live even further a field.

As for the expenses you can claim only if they are actually business related…and the taxman has certain rules for them so for any PWC hearing this nonsense as the Taxman at HMRC to look into Tax Evasion…are you sure all the petrol expenses claimed are business mileage??

The Appeals Service is Independent to CSA and have far greater powers for disclosure so if your a PWC and come up against this nonsense take it to Appeal and ask the Appeal panel to ensure that there is a Financial member on the panel along with a legal member.

My ex is the director of his company claiming he made £100 and NO DIVIDENDS only expenses. Took a while however he was forced to produce full financial statements to the Appeals tribunal when he refused the Appeals decided that he had something to hide and awarded in my favour.

He lives in Northern Ireland and moved a few miles over the border. Did him no good whatso ever. The Irish government also believe NRP’s should help pay for the children they create.

And before an NRP starts ranting and raving, yes I do work full time and earn £30,000 and no I am not a money grabbing bitch I just think it takes 2 to make a baby (regardless if you planned it or not contraception is there for men and women) and 2 to care for them, emotionally and financially.


  • Karl Garrett says:

    yes, absolutely.. you both make the child, you both pay for the child. But why does that give women (mainly) via the CSA the right to financially massacre NRP’s?. I have lost everything, given everything to her ( as I couldn’t afford solicitors), gone bankrupt, and still have to pay her in excess off 800 per month!!!. oh, and we live in a converted shed, whilst she lords it up unemployed!!!. Not exactly fair.

    The CSA have removed my ability to see my kids, or even have a future…they have removed my hope. All I want to do is die…I had enough of women & this fuck**g world.

    And you keep banging on about..screw the git & chase him down with all the tools of the state….

    there is a reason why people avoid…it’s usual because it’s too much…simples.

  • lyn says:

    I agree with you Karl

    Being Irish myself there is no way WE WOULD PUT UP WITH an organisation like these. He did not move to the Republic as this is way out of their juristiction!!!!!!

  • K says:

    Sorry but he DID and lives in Dublin…last time I checked that was in IRELAND…
    There is a cross border agreement for enforcement and you can apply to REMO so you might not like it but it exists…try checking facts prior to posting.

    Karl I do sympathise I honestly do but the way I see it there is always seems to be one person acting like an adult in a failed relationship and one who is just out to make trouble. For whatever reason..and they are not always the wronged party they just seem to want to hurt the other person regardless of the upset it causes their child…

    The CSA should not be another weapon for them to use every case should be assessed individually and the parent who is obviously out to cause trouble should be the one who is pulled into line…there can not be a universal rule blaming either the NRP or the PWC after all the CSA is meant to be looking out for the best interests of the child.

  • John says:

    NRPs should pay for the children?

    PWC’s, should not use the CSA to hound NRP’s!

  • K says:


    Then NRP’s should jointly provide for the children they jointly produce.

  • Lyn says:

    Believe me I have my facts!!

    Thats why women like you are so twisted and bitter. All you are concerned about is destroying mens lives. Where I come from the children come first and we dont spend our time hounding men like you!

    The CSA dont care about the childrens interest, what about those men like Carl who have lost everything. I hope women like you can sleep at night knowing you are the cause of people loosing their homes and lives.

    I am sure your ex is better off in Ireland far away from you

  • K says:

    Ok what facts have you got???

    I’ll tell you what I have there is a thing called a cross border enforcement order FACT….there is a wee thing called REMO FACT…

    They are used to stop NRP’s causing pain to the children they JOINTLY produced by not paying to help support them because it is not just the NRP’s that loose their houses PWC’s AND THE CHILDREN loose their houses too if the NRP refuses to help support the child…

    I do not mean a joint home I personally think when a relationship ends neither should get the house as it is only fair the profits are divided to allow both to start again…

    I work full time to support my child and my husband never once says I am not giving my earnings over to support someone else’s child…So why should the person who created the child refusing to pay for his up keep…



    I understand not all PWC are in a position to do this at the end of the day maintenance is to provide the child with a decent standard of living and the PWC is the one who knows where that money needs to spend in order to provide that to their child in their own situation.

    PS even my ex’s own family have had numerous rows with him over this issue and are totally disgusted with him for the way he has treated HIS SON….FACT

    So you rocket how about you stop spouting complete nonsense and realise it is not menat to be a battle between the PWC and the NRP it is meant to be about a parent doing right by A CHILD I know like everywhere else in life some will abuse this for their own gain and revenge BUT that is on both sides PWC AND NRP which is why a new CSA has to able to look at individual cases and take action to ensure both parents are only looking out for the best interests of their child…FACT

    Now don’t bother writting back you talk crap…FACT

  • John says:

    FACT is the CSA are not in this game to support children. They are in it to recycle tax credits from people who have all ready paid into the tax system once with money that provides for benefits, and they are being asked to pay again! Why?

    FACT is that what what takes between parents and children is between parents and children. it has nothing to do with an Executive at the CSA earning £300,000 plus bonuses. It has nothing to do with a civil servant or a politician.

    FACT is the CSA are incompetent oafs who have repeatedly botched my cases up over 11 years. I have been an NRP and a PWC.

    FACT is that they have dumped me into debt to the tune of £6,500 because of their mistakes with my case, and then dump a DEO on my income.

    FACT is they are a Disgrace!

    FACT is they should be shut down!

  • Lyn says:

    Thanks John I rest my case and I totally agree they should be shut down!!!

    K – As for your ex living in Ireland with the likes of me you are full of shit and a money grabber! In all my life I have never ever chased or tracked down any man for money.

    We are not disputing that all NRP’s should pay for their children but your comments ‘ha ha ha idiot’ is terrible and you are enjoying knowing that all these poor men who put their stories on this website would read your nasty comment.

    Let me tell you I have been though hell and back with the way my ex partner has been treated by these horrible people. He always paid his maintenance and we took the children on holidays (Mammy took them nowhere but went on holidays herself leaving them behind) and everytime the children had to go back to their Mother they would be in tears not wanting to leave us.

    Like you Mammy got greedy and decided she wanted more out of her ex husband and hounded him through the CSA. The way he was treated was simular to Karl and John. By the way you have no sympathy with any man on this website so your comment to Karl about sympathising with him is bull sespecially when you took the time to gloat and tell use your disgusting words HA HA HA IDIOT!

    Sleep well every night now knowing you got your money!

  • John says:

    Well said Lyn!

    It proves my point on the fact that the CSA is divisive. It causes problems between parents, and causes problems between children and parents. All for the sake of Government money that is given out freely to all unsundry, some who have never paid a penny into the system!

    PS. I have paid in for 37 years. I think that I had a £300 tax rebate 10 years ago. Whoopee. So! to all that are spongeing, it’s alright I will prop you financially I’m doing it for every other bug-er!

  • CookieMonster says:

    Kirsty…SHUT UP

  • K says:


    Try reading all my comments sweetie my money goes directly into an account in MY CHILD’S NAME…NOT MY ACCOUNT my child… Correct I do think those who avoid paying are Idiots and haha when they get caught because as I have said and will keep saying it is the children they produced that are suffering…

    So as you are not an NRP or a PWC why not shut up…this does not concern you.. You don’t pay anything of your wages if you actually work as they are not included in any calculation…my 2nd husbands do…all his wages come into my home along with MY wages to provide a decent life for ourselves and MY son…not his but he isn’t on her bleeting at how he does actually pay for a child that is not biologically his….

    The only greedy money grabber I can see is YOU…wanting to keep all your partners money and not provide for his children.

    I am not trying to gain support from anybody I have my own views but am not so short sighted that I don’t see the bigger picture in that people on both sides get screwed when one parent doesn’t want to live up to their responsibilites…

    I don’t see how any child benefits from seeing EITHER parent stressed out about money or homeless and feeling completely helpless…BUT as I have said and will keep saying this happens to both parents PWC and NRP…

    A final note to Lyn you obviously have massive issues with your ex’s responsibility towards his children and major jealousy issues towards his ex as a professional Mental Health Practitioner I would be willing to help you work through them….FREE OF CHARGE OF COURSE…lol

  • CookieMonster says:

    Lyn, Kirsty obviously wants to keep some kind of hold over her her ex for whatever personal reasons please do not let her spiteful comments offend you, my guess is her ex moved to Ireland to escape her not his responsibilities to his child. Some poor women just don’t know when they are not wanted…sad really.

  • Lyn says:

    K – Maybe our roads have crossed as I am also in the Health Profession so forget your Sweetie shit with me. I was right your comment to John pretending to be sympathetic was bull.

    I am a PWC and have never chased or tracked down my ex husband. He had 3 companies and my motto is ‘Fair Play TO HIM’ as he also worked dam hard to get his business of the ground and I would not dream of taking it away from him. Its jealous women like you who are set on destroying ex partners and husbands when they move on. I never begrudged or was jealous of my ex husbands success or his new wife. I always wished both himself and his new partner all the best

    I work so hard and pay my taxes including paying for my ex partners ex’ wife’s Son (from a previous relationship) who is serving time in prison for stabbing a man. Now who the hell is the criminal there. While he is siting in his prison cell its the likes of my ex partner and these other men that are treated like criminals.

    By the way It was me who took HIS children on holidays, they didnt know what holidays were until I came along. It was me who bought them treats as Mammy was more interested in her new men. It was me who comforted them when they were upset about their Mothers behaviour and finally as my salary was more than 3 times that of my ex partner it was ME WHO HELPED TO PAY HER. I actually took her children out Christmas shopping making sure they had money to buy Mammy a present. So get lost with your comments that I have taken from his children and jealous. Believe me I had nothing to be jealous of and can hold my HEAD UP HIGH knowing I have never chased the Father of my Son for any money even if it was to go into my Sons bank account. I can put the money in his account for him.

    You are the one with the massive issues and the jealous one by printing on the site your sick comment HA HA HA idiots! People like you who gloat on other peoples missery are sad.

  • Lyn says:

    CookieMonster You are right
    It really upsets me to read comments like hers ‘HA HA HA idiots’ as my ex partner and all of you on this website are far from idiots.

    My ex partner was the most wonderful man and fantastic Father but unfortunately he was married to a Kirsty who just would not let him go and got CSA friends to hound him.

    What the people have to go through with CSA issues is terrible and for someone like our Mental Health Practioner to gloat on their hardship is disgusting.

  • K says:


    LOL try reading all my comments first…Even my EX-partners family are disgusted with how he has tried to avoid supporting his son…They still see my son regularly…I pay the airfare and hotel costs because I feel it is important for my child to keep in touch with all his family…

    PS I ended my marriage and it is actually my ex who wants to cause trouble for me and my 2nd husband not the other way around…and before you imply otherwise I was not unfaithfull our marriage ended for other reasons no other party was involved.

    I don’t have to defend or explain myself to you or anyone else however i will share this…I left my husband on foot with nothing more than a plastic bag of clothes and nappies for my son…I have never asked for a penny from my ex to finance me..Even in my divorce I let him have the house, car, furniture and didn’t touch his pension.

    I worked for 10yrs and bought my own home and car before i remarried…

    I have never denied my ex access to our son he wasn’t a good husband but i hoped he could be a good dad…I think it is disgusting that parents are not able to see their children due to bitterness from parents who should be acting in their best interest.

    my ex refused acess and never paid a penny for over 6yrs…which is why i had no choice but to use the csa…

    As i have stated time and again every penny forced out of him by the csa goes directly into our 13 yr old sons personal bank account. I do not have access to this it is his money.

    The sooner idiots like you start seeing that it is the children and not tha adults that should benefit the better…

    Seems to me that you also have some issues to deal with perhaps you and Lyn could set up your own wee self help group…lol

  • lyn says:

    K – I am not going to waste anymore time on you as you are pethetic. We can all read through you. You seem to think everyone else has issues except yourself.

    As I said already I wouldnt even take a penny off any man for my Sons bank account as I can put money in there for him.

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