NRP is a social worker and is abusing the system

September 18, 2010

My ex is a Self Employed Social Worker, who by his own admission invoices the local authority approx £25-£30 per hour for his services. Unfortunately my ex is registered as a Limited Company and actually only pays himself £429 per month on paper. I contacted CSA in June 2009 asking if they could take over direct payments from my ex as I had received no monies from him for well over six months. They agreed to this, but when I rang them a few months later as I had heard nothing from them they told me that as of July that year my ex was only on a small salary. I went onto Company House and printed all the information of his Company off and filled in a variation form for the CSA. I myself work and I make sure my teenager daughter does not do without (my son is now at Uni) but I do find it a struggle keeping a home going on my own as well as the day to day expenses of a teenager.

I have contacted CSA every two weeks for the last few months and am promised someone will contact me within 48 hours….I am still waiting. I cannot see how a man who only earns £400 per month can own his own home, 2 horses, a 4×4 etc….and according to my so called case worker she said the same – but they have yet to do anything about it!! I would love to complain about the lack of communication from CSA and also their lack of assistance but would not know who to contact. I am trying very hard not to let this turn me into a bitter female but am finding it very hard.


  • Brokenfather says:

    Your ex is not self employed and yes you do sound bitter.

  • Lee Hughes says:

    On the basis of what you've wrote, I can only sympathise with you. If he won't voluntarily contribute when you make the effort then this is the sort of person the CSA should now be after…

  • Maxine Knowles says:

    I feel really sorry for you and can totally relate! On their website you can make a complaint by email which they should respond to within 10 days…last time did this it took them about a month and a half for them to write back to me, and then they just defended themselves with their own internal policies. I dont know if the Citizens Advice Bureau could assist you with writing to the CSA on this,and it may give you a bit of personal support too.

  • Garry Clarkson says:

    How much do you pay him when he has the kids?

  • Lorraine Moore says:

    Garry, how do you know he actually has the children for contact??!!

  • Darren Brown says:

    now now you lot :o)

  • Jen Smith says:

    Unfortunately Garry my daughter refuses to see him – he has let her down so many times she has given up. She is still waiting for her 13th birthday present from last year, christmas present and this years birthday present. He has seen her and promises he has things at his home for her but as yet nothing. Thankfully I make sure both of the children have all they need – I would have been happy if he paid the money direct to the children (this has been going on for five years – in that time I have had maybe a years worth of money), I dont want it for myself – I just dont want them to miss out on things. When I hear what he spends his money on and not the children I get annoyed, rightly or wrongly, but he should have a responsibility to them.

  • I find it totally disgusting that this country does not have correct measure in place to prevent NRP’s from getting away with not paying from their children. I have recently set up a website and I am currently trying to get as much feedback and support as possible in order for me to have information from as many sources to take to my MSP. Please show your support for my website and try and let as many people as you can know about this site. It’s Thanks

  • graeme says:

    Hi Alison

    You could read the posts by Karen Bedford. I believe she had similar problems that you are encountering.

    I am an NRP and I have the responsibility to pay for my son. Please dont class all the NRPs with the same brush.

    The CSA was set up purposely to deal with the problems that you are having, however it has transgressed so far they dont know theyre arse’s from their elbows these days. It is the NRPs who are willing to pay, who want to pay, who do take their responsibility for their children that are getting hammered by the clowns at the agency. No tthe people like your ex who is now using the system to suit their own needs. I agree it is wrong. But until this goverment see the problems they have with the agency and do something about it, then I fear that you will be in for a long hard struggle.

    Good luck with your case


  • laura says:

    First of all put all your complaints in writing. Then involve your local mp and get them to represent you throughout the complaints process. I have being trying to persuade the csa to take action for nearly 13 years after my mp started complaining action got taken. What you need as well is a variation in lifestyle from earnings. You can have him assessed in the basis that his lifestyle exceeds his income it is hard work but it can be proven. Keep a diary if every time calls aren’t returned and promises not kept and it helps the complaints process. I hope some of this can help and good luck

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