Nothing from rich ex after 15 years together

January 24, 2013

My CSA story is that I have had to do all the research into my case to get to where I have got to. I have had to write 3 letters to David Cameron where by his office just ignored the main issue and sent the letters onto the DWP. It was my own MP that recognised the issue being a CSA one and then this got me a case worker. Once I got my case worker he was able to pursue my ex based on all of the correspondence that I had forwarded to them.

The third letter to David Cameron, because I was frustrated with what I was being told and no one was believing me a got me a full rundown of where my case was at, they also provided me with a name to write to if I had further concerns. My ex went to Court last November. His salary has been found out by the CSA and have to cap it at £2000 a week and yet take his new baby, his 6th child and the only one he lives with an allowance out of his capped salary and then give me 12% of what is left. Mr Ex partner provides no information on his earnings his assets or anything to the CSA. He rents a country residence and pays £4,300 a month rent.

Drives a Range Rover Sport and has provided his new wife with a brand new Audi Q7. He has boasted to me about being a millionaire and Iv never put pressure on him to give me any. He has paid the mortgage since he has left as I felt this was guilt as he had taken all of the equity out of it and also I have been bringing his children up. He has only seem our boys as and when it has been convenient, I have not had the opportunity to move on in my life and now I have been out of the game too long it doesn’t feel a nice or safe place out there.

The Court hearing again for the maintenance he has been awarded to pay me is on the 31 January, its an open Court but they are not allowed to tell me where it is held. This is mine and my boys life that they are messing with and they do not know me. How can they fight a case without me. I have asked to go and sit in the gallows but again I am refused knowledge of where it is being held. I am now loosing the family home where the boys and I have lived for 16 years, whilst he left to have his time with his women and then come back (because I was stupid and scared) to me for a number of years until I stopped it. He has married a very jealous wife and the boys have been told she is also very possessive of his money.

To pay CSA for children is a legal requirement and yet there is no threat when he says no. The debt to me is now just over £20,000 and he just says he isnt paying and they have to accept this. I have had no money to pay the mortgage for over 12 months now and its now the letters are coming from the building society’s legal department as they have had enough even though I have kept them informed of everything and paid a portion of the mortgage. My solicitor thinks it is very strange that I am not allowed to be at the CSA hearing.

How can a man do this to his children. The two he had after me, bearing in mind he was only with her for 3/4ish years he left her with a lump sum of £400,000 in their business together and he resigned. She is a multimillionaires anyway. I gave him 15 years of my life, the other three it has been a maximum of 4 years each, this one has reach the 3 year hurdle. How is a man allowed to do this to the women who has brought up children 24/7 and to his own children???? FRUSTRATED TO THE MAX….Julie


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  1. karen bedford on January 25th, 2013 1:27 pm

    You need to get you MP involved, Cameron will do nothing, but has to listen to your MP. Put in writing a complain to the CSA and keep record of it and send Recorded Delivery. Join the Facebook groups Child Support Agencies Failings and the Law, etc. for advice and support form others in situation situations.

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