Nothing but grief since 1993

March 20, 2015

I have been involved with the csa since 1993 and have had nothing but grief.

in july of last year i asked for a full breakdown of arrears and it was concluded that i owed 4000 pounds ( i had been paying my reg payment plus 228 a month arrears over previous 2 yr ) i paid lumpsum and recieved new payment plan with letter stating i owed no arrears 0.00. well pleased my wife,2 kids packed our bags and brought our dream home.then low and behold that dreaded call happened,”we have reviewed your case and it appears we missed 5500 of arrears from 1993″and then i was told 700 a month will/could be deducted from wages.

since the start of csa i have always had DOE and apart from periods living abroad have always paid maintenance and arrears,i have appealed against this debt and asked for breakdown of previous payments.i must also add that i went to court in 2009 for a debt of 11000 which was dropped to 4000 after they admitted error. do people ever get these debts scrapped or am i fighting a lost cause?


  • Cheryl says:

    Go on CSA rip offs on facebook and they will help you right out!!!

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