Not one member of staff would listen to me

May 12, 2013

After being stiffed by the bolton depot, for taking 40% of my wages per week, and numerous calls to them, and sending personal information twice by two different fax nuber,s , and they said they didnt recieve any of them, and not one of the staff would listen to the fact that i was being left destitute every week, i had to involve my local mp, mark simmoms,(cons) who sent a letter to the depot, and low and behold i get a call saying they recieved that i less than a week, and it was then transfered to the falkirk branch for reviewal, i was assigned a case worker, and she called me within 3 days, and 2 weeks later we had come to an agreement over the so called arrears, which by the way, someone at bolton gloated in saying over £5000 of these were from early 2000, when i was told by the agency that i didnt earn enough to pay, but now the rules have changed, they want it back??? i am now starting to get my life(all be it now single)back on track, and i think i would be wasting my time arguing the point of these arrears


  • Macon says:

    Always question the arrears ,get a full breakdown on the arrears get your data protection files its 10 quid and with having your MP involved this will help you with the problems ,I got my MP involved and also transferred to Falkirk and was sorted out very quickly and it’s great you have a Tory MP ,I think them more of the Torys who complain the better it means the government my take notice and change the draconian practices of the CSA “JUNTA”.

  • Pete says:

    Be careful. The falkirk office tell nothing but lies, I have had so many problems with them, even recieved a letter from the saying they made mistakes and maladministartion (Arrears from nowhere) join our group and read some of the horros stories.!/groups/204256966364149/

  • mike hunt says:

    My MP was like my arse.. He didn’t grasp the severity of my case. I wrote to David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith and my complaint letters were just passed straight to the CSA. I have ICE looking into my case now and my next step would be the parliamentary ombudsman. Not holding out much hope as ICE are run by CSA and P.O is a government agency. Have also written to the Serious Fraud Office as every statement I receive is incorrect and differs from the previous one. I agree with macon, get your Data prints as these will contain loga/calls you are not aware of. Mind you they also ‘Forget’ to include some documents. I only know this as I have requested mine twice and a piece of crucial evidence turned up in the second lot..
    Tell the incompetent buffoons at the CSA you want a full account breakdown and if you find it to be inaccurate or include falsified debts (including arrears from when you were out of work?? how??) you will take the statement as evidence to the police and have them charged/investigated for trying to obtain monies by fraud.
    Check this statement against your last and I will wager you they are not consistent.

    Good luck crazy Dave and don’t let the bastards grind you down..

    Remember you are not on your own..

    I am waiting for some sort of mass march or demo on downing street..
    Anybody got any thoughts on how to bring this to the attention of the public?? I was going to write to the papers – Jane Moore maybe but it is my understanding there is a media blackout on CSA stories. All these cases on here and other sites such as fathers for justice and how much air time or how many newspapers do stories appear in??

  • Macon says:

    I got my data prints these were doctored I have proof of this as I take names and extension numbers , log all calls and photo copy all letters I send them and keep every letter they have sent me after I got my MP involved and showed him proof that my data protection rights have been breached the CSA backed off for the moment . Can’t wait until the CSA juggernaut is halted and I will be at the front of the queue for compensation I will never give up !

  • Macon says:

    Every one should pay stop the standing orders for one month and pay there ex by check or bankers draught this would give the CSA a nightmare and render them useless they would never cope withe the paper work and the amount of extra work this would get the newspapers attention !!!

  • mike hunt says:

    Would love to do this but how do we get everyone to do it??

  • Macon says:

    The Internet has brought down Arab governments Egypt, Tunisia and Libya for example we have to use Internet sites like this and Facebook and twitter to organise a date say 3 months away to bring this CSA “JUNTA ‘” to there knees cut there air supply of and render them useless !!!!

  • Macon says:

    All it would take is a thousand of no payers for one month this would be a start remember non payment brought the poll tax down 🙂

  • eddie says:

    non payment and several days of violence in london………………………

    It would be better without the violence but I too would love a march.

  • mike hunt says:

    I’m up for this.. What can I do??

    I have a flick comb?

  • brett says:

    Count me in.

  • Lisa says:

    The idiots at bolton office see you as a number on a screen nothing more, the more they get from you the more bonus they get, complain and dont let it go till you get the result your looking for, the CSA are making so many lives hell lately, this has to stop and together fighting as a group will do just that!/groups/204256966364149/

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