Not even sure if the child is mine – what should I do?

April 24, 2011

I met the mother of what seems to be my son at in June 2010 after a painful devorce from my wife in 2009.

She is a Lithuanian, from birth but was married to an English man, so has permanent UK residency. All seemed well at first, until I found out that she was still married to her husband, and had been trying for a child for the last ten years, with multiple failed IVF treatments, this and other concerns made me end the relationship in the end of July 2010.

By mid June 2011 I received a txt photo of a baby, I called her to find out that she gave birth to a baby boy on the 14th of April,” two months later!!!!”. She had given him her ex husband’s surname, on the birth certificate.

I visited her and was told that he was mine, I help out by giving her over £200 per month, during my only allowed monthly visit. I was made redundant in September 2010 and found a new job two months later, but had to take a huge pay cut, being left with under 200 pounds to feed my self and pay for fuel ect.

I gave her what I could afford, which was £100, leaving me 25 pounds a week to live off, she then involved the Csa. I’m not even sure if he is mine, and have no money to have a dna test done, it seems to me that I have three choices 1/ Suicide 2/The dole 3/ Emigrate


  • martin dell says:

    1 get dna test done
    2 inform the tossers at the csa the you want a dna test done before any money is stolen PUT THIS IN WRITEING AND SEND IT THOUGHT YOUR MP

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