Not enough money to live on thanks to the Child Support Agency

August 29, 2011

Dear sirs, the csa take money direct from wages. They also take arrears.

I’ve been fighting for years with them over the amount of arrears, they said i owed them money even though i paid the mothers of my children.

At one time they were taking over £89 per week, leaving me with about £133 to live on. As a result i lost my place were i lived due to rent arrears, I didnt have enough money to live on. I asked and asked them (csa) to reduce the amount but they didnt.

I have been suicidal with all the stress they have caused me. I’ve kept working but i wonder why, they still took money from me for my eldest child even though i was know longer responsible for him, he was 19 and had left home. They took payments for another 8 months. They wrote and said they would take it of my arrears.

I am presently paying £66per wk for 2 children of which £21 is for arrears. I should have been mental by now but i wont let the csa destoy me, they dont give a dam about my circumstances as long as they get their money.

Where’s my rights regards to me having enough money to live on and not to be homeless and pennyless through the CSA?


  • helena says:

    think you need to ask yourself how much the childrens mother is paying a week for your children think you will find its alot more when you take into consideration rent, heating, food clothes, water, washing, repair etc etc etc

  • Mark Pickering says:

    I am having the same problem and I am now living on approx £70 per week to feed myself and look after my daughter when she stays with me. This can’t be right. Job seekers allowance is £67.50 a week.

  • Louis says:

    I have the same problem. i pay the mother of my children 315£ a month for my children and they are always wearing the same clothes and second and third hand clothes. I also have them 73 days per year but csa doesn`t take that in consideration. the mother of my children is also in full benefits so she get more than me that i`m a full time worker. the non-living parent should have more rights. This is absolutely unfair and a not equal right law.

  • steven wynn says:

    i have the same issue i recieve 960£ wage per month after i take into consideration the bills, rent and food the cost to get to and from work im left with 80£ to live on but csa want 51 per week how does this even make sense my ex is on full benefits and doesn’t pay for anything not to mention she has a new partner living with them

  • loz says:

    Helen shut up will you !!! These poor blokes are living on the bread line to psy this stupid csa agency ill bet the amount they are paying per month does not go on the children !!! My husband pays 375 a month to two kids that he does’nt see and his ex is on benifits and her new partner is working full time so how is this fair ?? I bet your the same on benifits and too lazy to go and het a job and rely on your exs hard earnt cash most of you women think your ex should keep you still as well as your kids go and earn your own money and help keep ypur kids as well as tje man !!!!!

  • Mags says:

    My husband is the same, he has to pay £360 a month, for one child to the csa, it was his ex wife’s choice to split the family up, she had an affair, but she’s gone on to have 2 more kids with this bloke, she has her own business, a car, we have told the csa that we have 3 young children, and they don’t care, my husbands not refusing to pay maintenance, all he ask is that it’s at a reasonable amount, he hasn’t had no contact with the child for the last 11 years and that was the mothers choice, so coz she couldn’t keep her legs shut and work at her marriage for the child sake, imy 3 kids that are being penalised

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