Nobody seems to be treated fairly by the CSA

October 13, 2011

I came across this whilst trying to find out information regarding the CSA. I have had no experience with the CSA myself as I am single and have no children (reading what most of you have been through, I am quite glad of this at the moment!).

I 100% agree that something needs to be done about these parasites. But being impartial I do see it from both sides. My best friend is struggling to get money out of her ex husband for their two children. She is struggling living as a single parent with very little luxury in her life while her ex is going on holidays, buying brand new cars and not paying enough money towards the kids. Ok, he pays some but its no way near enough.

She doesn’t want to do it at all but she seea she has no other choice than to go to the CSA. On the other hand, my uncles ex wife did a runner with their 3 kids 14 years ago. He didn’t see them for months or even know where they were, she even got her daughter (from a previous marriage) to go the Police and say that she had been sexually abused by him and he had to go to court and everything yet he is paying over £400 a month when he earns a very low wage and can barely afford to look after himself.

Where do you draw the line? The CSA is definitely not the answer, but what is?

And what can we do as a country to change this as clearly something needs to be done!


  • John says:

    The answer most certainly is not the current system.

    What happens between parents regarding children is their business. It has NOTHING to do with a civil servant NOR a politician.

    Mediation and full financial disclosure by both parents should take place and a ‘means test’ conducted to provide a fair, balanced and acceptable deal to both parties……………without the shambolic CSA being involved.

    The CSA should be scrapped. It costs millions of pounds of taxpayers money to run, is a complete mess and is not fit for purpose!

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