Nobody listens at the CSA

December 4, 2010

Back in Apr /may 2009 my ex partner made a claim that i should make payments for my son.

I advised the CSA that we were involved in a residency case set for July  2009 i won residency and my son has been with me since that period i contacted the CSA who told me that things would be reversed.

I was asked and sent the copy of the residency order and was told the CSA spoke to my ex partner who confirmed this.

I have been contacting the CSA for over a year and nothing, I tonight have rang 5 different numbers and this when i was told in the summer of 2010 that a financial assessment was weeks away and i would be contacted, i have now been informed that I am the non resident parent and I need to make a new claim this is a disgrace if the CSA checks their records they must have records or even recorded phonecalls.

Why is the system not linked so any one from CSA can see any rerlevent information?


  • Rhiain Macabre Mort says:

    Its just another case of the CSA not bothering to do the basic checks. Unfortunately this is what you can expect from them. I wish you good luck on your long journey.All i can advise is that you ask for every piece of information in writing. Try not to talk to them over the phone… If you have written proof of their incompetence then you may be able to get somewhere. I wish you luck!!

  • Peter Anderson says:

    Because the CSA, just like he DSS, acts entirely on the basis of sexual discrimination. Do not get involved with the CSA. Make your own arrangements. Do not phone them, only deal with them in writing. By dealing with them you are only setting a time bomb in motion that will come back to haunt you in the years to come. They have had a copy of the residence order but as you are male (I assume, please correct me if am wrong) you will always be treated as the feckless father by any government department.

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