No support for a father

May 10, 2013

My ex wife left me and took our 3 girls to live in Scotland with another man . Got remarried 2 of my daughters are past csa claims due to age but my youngest who turns 17 in July 2013 . My ex wife then went to csa . I’m the only bread winner in the house my wife is disabled and I bring home £276.00 a week and csa take £48 a week leaving me with £228 to live on . Pay my rent of £87 a week council tax £20 a week gas and electric £25.00 a week petrol to work £30 telephone £10 a week . I hardly have any money to even buy food for me and my wife . But the ex gets family tax credit for the child family allowance and now £48 csa so all in all she gets more then I do for the child to live on .

There is no law for a father and when I tell csa I can’t afford to pay all that they are just not interested . When I told them when I can no longer pay my rent and become homeless all down to csa then I hit the headlines in the oapers csa are not interested how the father lives . This government really need to change the law as far as csa go . When a child becomes 16 csa should be stopped and why can’t they get a part time job like this governments telling people to get out and find job . What’s wrong with studying and working part time ??? When will these kids ever learn to get out and work . Why did csa take a case in when my daughter is turning 17 after 9 years of not wanting my money not letting kids have contact with me then goes csa in December 2912 ? Csa have no support for a father they are all for the child and mother and don’t give a dam how the father lives . Csa are a joke end if heartless people


  • eddie says:

    The assessment process is a joke……………… many NRPS cant afford to work and secondary families are suffering as are our children the CSAs negligence is causing poverty and misery to all that come in contact with it. The CSA has now appointed bailiffs who they can manipulate to do there dirty work….This is is the same as DWP involving an agency (ATOS) to do their assessments on those that are deemed by the MEDICAL profession to be unfit for work. Atos do not employ medical practitioners the agency is employed to meet the targets of DWP and the same will be said of the CSA….. Its abuse.

    I am in the throws of setting up countryide groups with view of delivering a petition to parliament. This agency needs to know how many innocent lives their neglect is impacting on and it is time to stand up and be counted.

    I feel for you their are many in the same boat but we need to come together and fight this collectively. If you want to be a part of this and have your rights heard contact me at

    [email protected] with the area you live, contact no and whether you would attend or run a local group. each area could then do a local petition and we can arrange delivering this multi-handedly to parliament.

    Its time for the peasants to revolt against a revolting agency…….

  • Stuart Haggarty says:

    I pay through the CSA and I found them fair and reasonable??

    What is your issue about being financially responsible for your children?? I too have to pay for both my son who is NR to me and look after my two other children who live with me!!! Take some responsibility for your financial position. You pay the same percentage as the rest of us depending on how many nights you have with your children???

    My partners ex is a tax and CSA dodger (free lance cameraman who works for ITN and yet declared he earns less than £18,000) and thankfully the new powers have at last made a difference and he is finally being made to pay more than the pathetic amount he has been paying up until now. how he can sleep at night knowing I provide for his daughter financially i do not know??!! LOOSERS

  • Sally says:

    @ Stuart – can I ask what brought you onto this website if you find the CSA reasonable and fair?

    I think you are completely missing the point of this thread – NOBODY has mentioned that they do not want to pay for their children but what they are saying is that THEY CANNOT AFFORD IT!!! That doesn’t make them losers!!! It makes them financially poor!!!!

    the majority of people who come on to this website, do so because they have had problems with dealing with the CSA!!!

    Not all PWC are fair and THOUSANDS reduce the amount of nights the child stays over with the NRP to get more money… the NRP has NO CHOICE, court orders don’t work (because the greedy PWC can ignore them without any retribution) …..

    As for your situation, like me, it was your choice to support and provide for your partners child!! My partners ex was a greedy MOO who wanted money from both of us (to go to her! not the kids, she spent the money on herself and sent the kids round to us begging for more money!!!) He always paid her more than the CSA dictated and we both bought the kids whatever they needed….. now she gets £5 a week as he bacame a student and we are much happier (as are the kids because….. the money that was going to his ex, is now going straight on them AND the ex no longer has a reason to stop them staying over with their Dad) :-)) She is the loser…. 🙂

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