No money to pay the CSA and look after my child

November 29, 2011

I’ve been made to feel like a criminal in the respect that my estranged wife and I do not live in the same house anymore. This was just affecting my health and she was actually being pyshically abusive to me. So that there would be no more drama, I moved out and constantly see my two children.

I’ve always made sure each child has around £200-250 per month from me in cash, so that they do not struggle since I’ve left home. My ex wife persists to want more money from me. Since then she has managed to open the mail that slipped through my redirection, opened up my payslip and sent it to the CSA, who have not responded to any of my letters, they’ve just bombarded me with forceful letters demanding that I pay back payment for my son who is 16 yrs old.

I know that my son will NEVER benefit from any of the captured money, as his Mum will just spend it on herself or travelling back and forth from Nigeria. My son even has begged for me to take him in and for him to live with me. I have told him to hang on, stay with his mum until he’s 18 and then he will be fine to move with me. I’ve had my salary invaded by the CSA and they took 759.01 from my salary in one chunk before it hit’s my account.

I spoke with Erica Thompson, but she did not want to listen to me at all, she seemed biased and cold in her response to me. How am I to manage my day to day life with such a huge amount taken all at once. I’m apalled by this act of bully tactics. I’m outraged that this can be done to me!! I need your help and advice, as this lady is not taking care of my kids, she doesn’t even pay the gas/ electricity bill!! I now have the amount of 301.09 per month to pay for my son’s maintenance, which is fine, but the problem is now that as of the 30th Nov 2011.

This is due to my ex wife attacking me in the street in 2010 and as a form of self defence I kept her away from me and now I am the one who has been given a criminal record, which has lead for me to lose my job. I am now jobless in such a difficult time in this economic climate. I really need your help. I have no money after my last pay cheque to survive AND look after my son. What is this world coming to!

Please I need to know how to legally retrieve what was taken and be given a smaller installments, I do not have a problem with supporting my son, I have a problem of being maltreated and bullied. I need assistance, as this individual thinks they are god!!


  • janet says:

    The payments that have already been taken have been passed to your ex which means they cannot be retrieved

  • bob says:

    Goto and to the forums under legal eagle

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