No money from the CSA

October 23, 2010

I first contacted the csa a few years ago when my ex husbands payments begcame even more eratic than usual. I had to contstantly ring the agency to see what was being done about my case. Each time i was told that it was in hand and that assessments were being done. After 18months i wrote a formal letter of complaint and also copied this letter to my local mp. I eventually gor a call to tell me that absolutely nothing had been done and i was now in line for a payment from them for £250.00 as an appology. After this assessments were issued and payments cam in every two months approx and only when i repeatedly chased then Doe orders were issued and never met as my ex husband works for his girlfriend.

Everytime a face to face officer would call he would say that his hours or salary had been cut and this would mean a further reassessment. I got a phone call last week from the csa telling me that my husband has now told them he has left his job and no more money can be taken.

This is obviously just a ploy to evade payment but these useless idiots have let the situation go on so long that no further action can be taken. How can they be allowed to go on like this in such a useless capacity, at least when the courts had control over parental responsibilities absent parents had some respect. They now know that dealing with the csa has become a complete farce and that no action can be taken.

I would love to be able to do something to make them sit up and take notice that its peoples lives they are dealing with and being a parent is hard enough without having to deal with imbecilic government officials to try to get what your children desereve.


  • Jem Pogue says:

    Maybe if all you PWC stopped trying to bankrupt your ex through this abhorrent agency then we could get rid of this disgusting mess and return to court and get the best deal for the kids and not the mother, then NRP's might start playing ball ????????????????

  • Laura Maybey says:

    Not all pwc's are mothers and out to bankrupt the nrps. Unfortunately this agency doesn't do what it says and lets cases slide into such a mess that no one wants to deal with them. The csa pisses both sides off and always screws the children over. Both parents are responsible for their children no matter what the parents think of eachother. I dont think the courts really want to deal with it as its the csa passing the buck yet again.

  • Jem Pogue says:

    Not all laura but sadly most are !The sooner we can get child maintenance back into a court where somebody makes the best deal for the children involved the sooner the children will be better off and happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!As long as this abhorrent agency is involved then it means millions more children will suffer at there hands and not be able to see the NRP (Father)Let's put this abhorrent mess that nobody want's to bed and start doing right by our children.

  • Laura Maybey says:

    So if we all shut our cases on monday morning then what??We only know what the csa is truly like through dealing with them. The courts are busy as it is. Mediation? All i ever wanted was my ex to make a positive contribution to our child's life. To ensure that he has the same opportunities that we had as children. More than what we had in fact. So far NOTHING. In my mind our child is not a number, case file or financial figure. Its time these children were treated with more respect & not like complete shit.

  • Garry Clarkson says:

    err…get a job maybe? I have had no money from the CSA either. Oh..I forgot. Im a man who has a resident child. I keep forgetting about Lifeboat Feminism.

  • Jem Pogue says:

    Thankyou Laura for being one of the first mothers to admit there children are not a number !The courts are only busy because british family law encourages solicitors to drag out cases to make more money !We cannot force any man or woman to be a proper parent sadly but those of us who do want to be then get rid of this abhorrent child abuse agency and let us, it's not too much to ask is it ??????????

  • Laura Maybey says:

    The csa's powers are as useless as the majority of their employees. In family law courts children are treated like business transactions as it is anyway. I like many other parents wish i'd NEVER bothered with them in the 1st place.

  • Jem Pogue says:

    The whole system is about making money for the nobs !!!!!!!!!!The sooner we all destroy there scam involving family courts and the child abuse agency the better.

  • Allan Morrell says:

    It's about time PWC's step forward and realise the children are the main priority, not money which many PWC's place as priority and use the children as pawns in order to obtain a guaranteed income where the cases of PWC's recieve amount into their accounts and not in a trust for the child which would have been beneficial to the child… However! the Child Screwing Agency is only interested in their own agenda… their priority is the Money and screwing the NRP to screw the child out of pocket is as abhorrent as the PWC who involves the CSA…!!!!

  • Mandi McVeigh says:

    i agree that children get screwed but on both sides, my partner works hard n wants 2 provide but at the moment it looks unlikely he can stay in his job as the csa are leaving us with basically nothing to live off, they take my child tax into account… 2 young kids do without!! we want to pay maintenance but at a reasonable rate that would mean none of the children on both sides suffer…….if my partner can no longer afford to get to work and he is out of work it will cost the goverment more to keep us as a family of four….wot about keeping people in work and off the dole?? wen all the csa is doing is putting fathers who work on it…..where is the justice in that n my 2 kids suffering…they state they are fighting child poverty……but yet they are putting so many kids into poverty??

  • Karen says:

    Elaine I understand what you say I would look to do something too, I recognise a lot of your problems you had with my own too. Please join the facebook group child support agencies failings and others on there too for support & advice, its free unlike some of these organisations who say they will help and dont and charge with crap advice. This is advice from many who are in similar situations or like me challenged it all the way to the Upper Tribunal Appeals which so far has taken over 18 months because no one seems to know what to do with it! I want the assessment (now they finally see I was right via the criminal compliance unit) about my ex’s earnings and lies – bit I want it back from the beginning and all the money I should have got, given to me now as they know he has the money in his account. Good Luck.

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