No money from my ex and nothing but bother from CSA

August 15, 2012

I’ve had nothing but bother with csa and my childs father the past year. My child is 2 years old and in the past year i havent receieved any payments dispite the father working full time, on and off.

Since having my child i went to work, as i dont want to be a parent who lives off benefits. Plus i like working. In April 2011 i got my own house and my child stayed with me. The father didnt bother until my child was 7 months. I never stopped him – he knew where i stayed even knew how to contact me. Had a house number, mobile, facebook etc. He sees my child 1 day at the weekend for 6 hours thats a he wants.

I first didnt receieve a payment in august 2011 – when i called csa the guy said “that money would stay on the account until he gets a new job – hes on benefits the now – the amount is £139.” so i wrote this in a diary. Septemeber i got £6. yes £6. Doesnt buy a packet of nappies. Disgusting. October he was back in full time work to december. Quit his work in december apparently got made redundant.
I didnt realise until January 2012 so called csa to find out what has been going on with the account – they said they are waiting on bank statements which apparently got sent by the father. March 2012 recieved a letter you will be getting £5 a week. So i phoned and said why wasnt this sent in january when he applied for benefits? No answer they are blaming him and he is blaming them. In mid march 2012 he got a new job. So only got £6 again. April i called again – waiting on 5 bank statements as he is getting weekly paid and hes not in able to make a one off payment.

Quit his job again. Never received benefits. Still havent recieved wageslips from last year or the last job. Back in employment start of June. I got so fed up phoning csa and chasing everything myself i emailed my local MP who simply sent a letter off explaining everything.

2 days later i recieved a call off the csa complaints department who are making it and official compliant. They have went through inland revenue still havent got it sorted to this very day. 4 weeks ago i called absoutley livid, the complaints manager said he will contact me in 10 days time with an outcome as they have Even contacted his employers who havent got back to them.

I called last week yet again as 10 days was well and truly past, the guy who was dealing with it has went on annual leave and someone else started dealing with the case. Now monday he said he was going to contact me friday at the latest. Still no contact.

Due to all of this the father hasnt paid a penny and even said to me yesterday he will continue not to pay a penny. Now this money is my childs not mine neither the fathers. Ive ended up in debt due to him. Hes not picked up my child on 17 separate occasions, 7 of them was when i was due to work. Now last week i lost my job as it was effecting my work as i work in sales i miss one day it impacts on my week. Im sick to death with getting treated like a mug off these people including the father. How is he getting away with this?! There should be harsher punishments.

A solicitor wouldnt touch a csa case, ive to go back to court next month and i cant wait till the day they realise what a waster he is!!


  • jack says:

    i have the same problem with the mother of my son 3 years and iv had a tenner ! and she dont even bother seeing him , feals like a struddle some times but getting over it makes you a stronger wiser person !!!!!

  • karen bedford says:

    Join our facebook groups child support agencies failings and others – search them and join them – for free advice and support.

    If he is paye, get criminal compliance unit on to him to do a check on his bank accounts, etc.

    Chase your MP – you have to chase everyone all the time, they are getting paid enough and are meant to be there to help.

    Everything in writing, everything recorded delivery, keep diary of calls, who you spoke to, date and time.

    Good luck.

  • brett says:

    Karen, and if he is self employed ?

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