No money from CSA for 11 years

October 18, 2010

My son is now 11 yeasrs old and i have never had any regular maintenance for him- this is because his father is self employed and lies to the inland revenue about his incomefor the past 7 years.

In 2004 i took the agency to tribunal due to their incompetency in assessing a nil payment when the absent parent was in fact working for an employer- i won and was awarded back dated payments of 7k- the agency were forced to pay £4,400 due to incompetency but failed to recover any debt in 6 yeras until now!

Now they took him to court, got a liability order and got him to pay £90per month for arrears- yet he is deemed not to be able to afford maintenance for his son as my assessment was and continues to be nil. Are they allowed to prioritise arrears over maintenacne for a child- how can he afford £90 per month for a govt debt when he has no income by virtue of their own assessment???

It gets worse!

Because he has paid me direct for another debt in relation to our son and said this was for maintenance-the csa have now wiped out his debt despite assuring me in writing they would not do this- they have billed me for nearly £3,000 saying because i wasnt entitled to any maintenance ive been overpaid!!!- wiping out my debt- i get no maintenance and he is still paying £90pcm to the csa for the govt debt- is this legal??????

I have been fighting these idiots for 11 years i feel like having a nervous breakdown and still my family suffers whilst he lives in a four bedroomed house drives a new car and takes regular holidays abroad. Also his wife works but her income is not counted and now ive ended up with a £3000 debt which is not mine- how can they sleep at night and how do i fight this?

I’ve gone through the local mp but never seem to get anywhere. I’ve written numerous letters of complaints and each response is different to the last, the basic thing which stays the same is no maintenance!!! and now a debt which is not mine -please help.


  • Trevor Franks says:

    get a job and stop trying to scrounge of your x or the state or accept a reasonable amount from him and not what the csa think he should pay

  • Sarah-Jayne Pattimore says:

    I would have thought he should pay maintenance and then arrears would involve the baliff's visiting his property to recover goods to the tune of the debt.I suggest ignoring Trevors comment – not in the least bit helpful and just what I imagine a 'deadbeat dad' to be!

  • Allan Morrell says:

    for all PWC's who are in reciept of child benefits, I understand that the Child benefit is calculated to support the child, yet still find they require additional income to support themselves rather than the child, let NRP's b dad for a change and allow NRP 2 provide financially rather then permit CSA to rip off your child and NRP…

  • Allan Morrell says:

    Most PWC's are financially better off than the NRP, but still out of the need for greed and point scoring desire more than the CSA calculate… FACT!!!!

  • Stephen Balabushka Thomas says:

    The payment isn't calculated to support the child as it's based on a percentage of what you earn. The more you earn, the more you pay. I have no problem with this policy except that not all of the cash goes to the kids. The CSA take their cut and only part of it goes to the kids. I have to admit that it is frustrating when somebody isn't paying their way when you know they are working.

  • Trevor Franks says:

    sarah how dare you call me a dead beat dad who do you think you are you know nothing about me you must either work for the csa or you have become preganant just to get cash very sad you make a comment like that, why is it when woman get pregnant then split up the first thing they do is go to the csa anyway blah blah blah i bets thats you first port of call isnt it the csa

  • Rachel Frankie Evans says:

    If men don't want children they should try wearing a condom!

  • Jem Pogue says:

    Rachel AND women need to stop making having a child a career move thanks to the child abuse agency !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maxine Knowles says:

    The CSA have made a real screw up of your case haven't they as it seems like they are taking money from a different payment and calling it money for the child. I hope that they sort it for you. Im a pwc and have problems but the other way round, so some peoples comments on here like Mr Morrell's are unhelpful – this is a site to talk about how bad the CSA are, and its not to slate parents with care. Anyway, I went to a tribunal today and it was really helpful and even though the law cant be changed, the judge takes a sensible view and directs the rep there from the CSA to take certain action for you. I'd recommend taking that route as the judge looked at the things the CSA had done wrong and has asked her to make sure certain things happen and sort out the problems. Take all your evidence along, write some notes for the judge and he will point the CSA rep towards fixing what went wrong. xx Good luck 🙂

  • Sarah Jane Stanyer says:

    To be fair Rachel, that comment is a bit wrong, im a woman and it takes two to make a baby and it is down too us too.

  • Trevor Franks says:

    ye rachel very wrong

  • Richard Bacon says:

    Good, I have always paid for my children when employed, I went through a patch where my company went into liquidation and I ended up on the dole for two years, I lost my house, cars and was down to nil payment from the JSA due to my current wife earning £100 per week. I could not pay for my children during this time. My ex wife Tracey Stone stopped me seeing kids, which live 125 miles away, even when she came to yorkshire to see her friends, she would not let me know so I could see the kids for 5 minutes.
    Hre and her husband continue to live in a five bedroom house with audi and s series Mercedes parked in the drive, with three holidays a year. I have only had my son for Christmas once in 10 years and that isbecause they could not show him enough time so he went on the rebound against them.
    I have been summonsed to court had £1500. fine against me for an incorrect date tha I gave, In less than two weeks after being in court another letter from the CSA demanding more proof of earnings. Even after signing a private agreement on CSA paper work!!!!
    I gave my name address and replied to ONE of their letters and now they hound me for everything I have, I now have no money to be able to see my children, they continuosly ask me when they willee me next and I tell them why, but their mother lies and says that I cannot be bothered with them.
    I know now why so many NRP (AS WE ARE CALLED) have committed suicide and I have had so many letters of support from children who have lost the farthers due to the continual harrasment from this wich hunt agency.

  • Garry Clarkson says:

    do you pay him?

  • Lee Hughes says:

    Rachel, if women don't want children, they shouldn't open their legs! Such sexist views seek nothing to resolve the issues at hand. BOTH parents are required to sort out the upkeep of their children, not just the PWC or the NRP. The sooner both sexes stop the vitriol and realise the system is screwing them both (more importantly the kids), the better we can all work together to get rid of the current system. As it currently stands it causes conflict. The government should get out of the personal lives of its citizens and compel them to do all they can to resolve the issues at hand. Only as a last resort, should they become involved. If both parents are capable of working, they BOTH should. They both had the fun (or not as the case may be), they should both pay. Mind you, unless you are going to micro analyse every last aspect of the parents lives, the system should be SIMPLE but FAIR to both from the outset, unlike the current biased one!

  • Michael Hallett says:

    My son is now 11 yeasrs old and i have never had any regular maintenance for him- this is because his father is self employed.NB! self employed is NOT regular income.So are you suggesting you do get something but it's not regular enough for you.

  • Allan Morrell says:

    Stephen, to base upon wot u earn is to base a calculation by what you earn, calculating; the CSA are guilty of badly inaccurate calculations on numerous occasions…Child benefit is calculated; by what you earn, you are entitled to claim child benefit based upon the calculations of your income… Child benefit therefore is calculated!!! I do understand were ur cumin from tho!!!As for Maxines comment; I do not beleive I was slating the PWC but providing comments on the understanding of my own situation and therefore provide the information based upon evidence and facts in reference to my case…. However! if you had read my comments properly you would have been able to notice my comments were I slate the CSA and as I do on many occasions… the facts remain, there are many PWC's who's first port of call after a breakdown in the relationship, are the CSA… and the reason they contact CSA is for one issue only and it certainly aint about the child as most PWC's prefer to use the child as an emotional and financial lever and as such; a point scoring tool, the CSA becomes involved… who involves the CSA?… evidently and always the PWC's… how can commenting such facts upon the basis of the truth involved, be considered as slating the PWC?

  • Karen says:

    Caroline, sounds so similar to my case, please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and others too, as there is lot of advice on there and support too so you will see there are (unfortunately) many of us having/had probs, you need the Criminal Compliance Unit on to him as thats what happened for my case and they finally saw exactly what I had been saying for years, that my ex lied about his earnings (yes S/e) problem is Im still trying to get it in an appeal hearing (taking over 18 months now) you cant get the money given to you even if you win an appeal, thats the problem. Good luck.

  • in response to the gentleman who advises me to get as job-how sexist why would he think i didnt work?- ive worked since my son was four months old-i had to support us both and pay the mortgage and as for self employed not being a regular income i think my exs income is regular enough for him to live in a four bedroomed house drive a new car and take holidays abroad two or three times a year – i wouldnt mind if there had been some sort of contributiuon towards school trips, school uniform or regular contact ie:more than the once a month because hes too busy working- oh and thats in the job that pays nothing!! – tragic for the child involved

  • Sarah-Jayne Pattimore says:

    Trevor – how do you know the original poster does not have a job? Why do you automatcially assume she is scrounging off her ex and the state?Just because her ex should make a financial contribution towards their child. His responsibility as well as the PWC. And for the record when a NRP refuses to financially contribute many PWC are forced to turn to the CSA to aid financial help. Your comment just shows you up to be a spineless sperm donor who in my opinion should be ashamed of yourself. Of course, I could be wrong because I dont know you – but from the extremely unhelpful comment you left you just made yourself look like a total deadbeat.

  • Mandy Keegan says:

    totally agree with you sarah ..

  • Peter Anderson says:

    The CSA are not interested in children, mothers or fathers! They are only interested in how much they can extort for themselves. Remember the CSA staff get bonuses on how much they collect! Just like bankers!

  • Alfred Junor says:

    theres a lot of selfish self pittying people out there!!!!……if you have the luxury of being able to be free and work WITH NO CHILD CARE COSTS!!!! what makes you think your better than any mother and that you shouldnt give whats due to raise your child!!!!! who do you want to pay for it???? it takes 2 to make a baby it should take 2 to pay!!! there human beings why should anybody have themselves what they cant provide for theis child!!!!!!

  • Lee Hughes says:

    Very judgmental and very simplistic.

  • Hannah Kemp says:

    forget the comments about it takes 2 to have fun, the issue is, kids cost a lot to raise, the money that mothers or fathers as there are also single parent faters, the money they live on is pitiful, anyone who really believes that these people want to be in this position out of choice are extremely narrow minded, i am a qualified maternity nurse with 5 kids, i am on income suport as the work i do means leaving the kids with a nanny so i can do the work as it is often working away for 2-6 weeks at a time,I do not want to be in this position as it is soul destroying not to be able to give your kids what other kids have and not to be able to spend that extra tenner on the groceries

  • Michael Hallett says:

    i am a qualified maternity nurse with 5 kids,Gobsmacked !!!it is soul destroying not to be able to give your kids what other kids have and not to be able to spend that extra tenner on the groceriesGo live in Pakistan, then you'l have something to whing about.This whole CSA thing is shamefull and disgracefull (definaTELY LACK OF GRACE!) fLASE BELIEFS OF ENTITLEMENT. I do not want to be in this position.But you probably did want to be in the position that got you into this position, LOL

  • Helen Lewis says:

    My son is now nearly 22 years old and I am still fighting for themoney his father owes me and this has been going on since the csa was first created…. the csa dont care about the parent with care or the absent parent all they care about is their own wages. If the government got ride of the CSA and put it to the tax man i.e every absent parent gets a tax coding of which part of it is paid to the parent with care then even the employed wouldnt escape this. I dont care how bitter or twisted people get about this be you man or be you woman you have a moral, and financial responsibility towards your child or children.

  • Angela McMillan says:

    i'll say it again as i have on another post, OH MY GOD, what the hell, MONEY, MONEY, & MORE MONEY……being self employed IS a struggle, my partner is self employed & a nrp, his income was nil last year & very little this year, the csa wouldn't accept the forms from the accountant & calculated payments based on WHAT??, yet we are still forced to pay what i believe is well above what we should as we have 3 children in our care, i work part time & have never claimed every benefit under the sun, maintenance from my ex barely covers anything but i would never dream of takin him to the csa like my partners ex. Also why should my child tax credits be taken into account with the CSA when the pwc will also receive tax credits, if that's the case why can't the pwc's new partners income be taken into account & then you will also see what you're puttin your ex (nrp) & his partner through. We want a better life for all our children but now that's ruined by the CSA as they told me "csa payments come above anything else, rent/mortgage, food & bills" therefore tellin me my children don't deserve a roof over their heads & food on the table. Some of you make me sick, stop fightin for money all the time & think about givin your children the attention that they deserve & lettin the nrp do the same.

  • Allan Morrell says:

    well served angela!!!!

  • David Cleveland-Dunn says:

    Sarah – how dare you call someone a 'deadbeat' ….each persons individual circumstances are unique, that is highly offensivel. Theres as many guys out here who have been made to feel sperm doners whilst they are blackmailed by ex's who wont even give them access to there children. Fact, most women turn to the CSA for revenge and money so they do NOT have to form a nurturing relationship for there child. They can cripple the guy through the courts and through spending 20 years of his life in a nightmare world with the CSA. Remember the CSA was founded to assist women who they didnt pay not the ones they did !I see you as a women that restricts access to her kids whilst reaping the benefit of your ex's (if there was even an ex) money. If women like you want kids – go to a sperm bank and do us men a favour so were not paying for your mistakes for the rest of our lives for you to blackmail us. Trust hurts doesnt it ….

  • David Cleveland-Dunn says:

    Rachel – how about women who say there on the pill so they can get pregnant .. ? How many women do that either in a relationship or out ? I think you know the answer to that one. Thats a proper man hating statement….i hope you dont have a son for his sake.

  • Allan Morrell says:

    Very good point David….. Clearly and evidently… there are PWC's and the majority of…. are women!!! who are prepared to use having children as an excuse to stay out of work and recieve guaranteed tax free income and there are also those prepared to use their children as an additional bonus to obtain tax free WFTC's and CTC's to create a healthy bank account for themselves!!!!Also the use of CSA to point score against the NRP by as you say creating a 20 year or so nightmare to cause financial instability to the NRP!!! for selfish needs I might also add to such PWC's purpose of getting one over on the ex!!!!

  • Allan Morrell says:

    they lie to partner and then lie to CSA and in several cases lie to the family law courts… and ultimately lie to their children!!!!!!

  • Chris Robert says:

    i was married for 17yrs and divorced now for 3 years. since day 1 of our seperation she stopped me seeing my 2 children, she lied to the police to get me arrested, she lied to my employer to trying get me sacked, she has lied to the children as she told them i was dead and finally she lied to the CSA, telling them that in 2000 to 2003 she was a single parent, when infact i was still living in the mataronial home. The CSA have tried to land me with a bill for £12500 because she made an illegal claim. unforntuantely for her i can prove i was still living can any tell me that women dont abuse the system.

  • Fiona Pearson says:

    And what for those guys that can’t keep it in there pants, accidents happen and the mother is left to make the choices, why should the dad be left to not help, and not all women, Some men are very manipulative and will try anything to not live up to there responsabilities. And sperm Donner makes me laugh, A guy gets a pat on the back for having one night stands where as the mother is looked down as a slag!!! Inever wanted a child but was left a choice to decide & presures from family…people are first to judge and call you a child killer though!!! theres no pleasing people so fuck what anyone thinks & live for today, make your own choices & enjoy your children. Some men want involvement but dont want the responsibility…SOME MEN NEED TO GROW BALLS!! Either help and be a farther or piss off and spare the childs feelings. The only thing I will say about CSA they give men a kick up the arse when they need it. It makes you laugh how men twist situations!! I dont believe in screwing a guy over, but they should be made to help. Either way I would not change my little angle for the world and every day he makes me so proud & it would have been so much easier to not have involvement with the Farther. I was left a long time been pissed about by the farther… you give SOME MEN an Inch they take a full YARD!!! Well I can say I’ve always worked so that one you can’t throw at me that I did it to sit on my arse lol You know the farther has done it to 3 women before & made them have an abortion. And can I just add ITS NOT THE WOMENS MESTAKE ITS YOU MEN TOO, PUT SOMETHING ON IT!!! DAVID YOU SOUND SO BITTER!!!!!

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