No money from CSA because they cannot find my ex

June 1, 2012

I have been dealing with the CSA since 1994.

MY ex has always lived in the same town and is not difficult to trace, as yet I have not received a penny of maintenance via the CSA for my three now grown up children!

The CSA insist they cannot get him to court due to a non confident address. I phone up reguarly to no avail and have over the years had excuses after excuses for their constant mess-ups. I was informed last year the amount owed on a liability order had reduced from £96,000 to just £9,000 although i dont think i will ever receive any money if the CSA are accountable to collect it! This is ridiculous and outragious I would like to see the CSA bring three children up single handedly for 16 years on £9,000!

Last month they were due to take him to court but as of todays date they have put my case on the back burner again due to surprise surprise a non confinedent address yet again!


  • Carol says:

    Disgusting! Have you lodged a formal complaint for maladministration?

    They have powers to trace people from HMRC and DWP if benefits are involved.

    How on earth can they reduce from £96,000 to £9,000? They would only re-assess if you or him asked so have they been in contact with him. Someone has done something very wrong on your case and I think you should take matters further. Getting your MP involved is always good as they will certainly then take notice.

  • jay. says:

    Unfortunately, as of 1994 there was so many mistakes being made by the csa and a lot of arrears were wiped or non collectable because of mishandling and not keeping records. I’m not sure whether you were working or claiming as this also effects payments to you, if you were claiming then a big bulk would go to the state. We were told that a liability cannot be obtained if arrears pre-date 2002, again because of mistakes but they can still go for a deo. Sounds to me your ex has questioned the arrears and has had it reduced. Have you requested your data file, it costs 10.00 and should show everything in there. Good luck

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