No money from CSA because ex dodges them

January 19, 2011

After paying for a solicitor after my ex husband left me for another woman, I was awarded court maintenance. This was paid for 12 months then eventually down varied from £1000.00 to £24.00 for a 4 year old and a baby.

He then closed his business and set a new one up in his new wife’s name and paid himself a small salary. Because he had another child plus a stepson living with them my maintenance was set at nil. It was then reassessesd at £7.00 for both children a week, hardly worth having.

After well over 100 calls to the CSA and the point that they were supposse to collect this money from April last year I am still awaiting them to run a schedule and work for my children who are left with a mum working full time to pay for everything for them. To make matters worse even the xmas presents they buy cannot be bought home. But thus this character can live the life of Riley with two new cars a £450,000.00 house complete with hot tub, games room etc and holiday in Florida next summer for a family of 6.

I think the CSA are a joke as I was told if I can prove it and do all the donkey work then maybe they could do something about this, however because every asset is now in the new wifes name and I am in the ruling of 2003 where only the husbands income is taken into consideration we are stuffed.

And to add insult to injury I was told by the CSA today that they were so stretched that maybe next week I may be lucky in getting an answer.


  • T. Wheeler says:

    Uuucckkk! I know how you feel.

    My ex is a ‘dodger’. Would do anything to dodge paying for his child.

    I’ve not had a payment since december, hoping for one next month including a large chunk of the arrears and they finally have a DEO in place.

    To find out where he worked (not seen the guy for six years) I had to set up a fake account of facebook and add him as a friend (luckily he’s the type who’ll add anyone) then scour his page for information – luckily he’d put it all up!!

    Now desperately hoping he doesn’t know about the DEO (I doubt the CSA have his correct address) so he won’t suddendly quit his job. I need the money. I work hard myself but there’s only so many hours I can do around childcare.
    I need a break from worrying about money.

    Try doing ‘the donkey work’. It’s immensely satisfying!!

    I hope things work out for you.


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