No lawyer seems to want to tackle the CSA

January 12, 2014

In 1994 a child was born (not to me) me and my now husband got together after his ex ran off with another man we knew she was sleeping with several men. so thought the lid may not be my hubbys the csa CLOSED the casein 2001 after many disputes over this kid. saying id she cud prove it was my hubbys then that would be different.

Nothing has been heard till feb 2011 kid now 17 at this point then up they pipe again mother has put a claim in after al these years and the csa are now after a dna confirming it was his kid trying to force payment from 1994 for him. we have been told tv licence and bills are not important and csa comes before any gas electric food etc even though my hubby is supporting me at colege i donbt have an income they are takling my childrens family credit in to consideration to pay a child who already receives his opwn family credit and family allowance he also works and is being supported by his mum n her husband and maintainace from my husband too

How much bloody money does this kid need to live mine aint got all that but they still taking everything we have got and are now left with 54 a month to live on they aint interested on how this is impacting so long as it looks like we have 60% income left on paper not including any bills at all. they want all these years of money bak in two years how???????? then they said they have reduced it to nil then now we have to pay from 2011 which i dont beleivbe we should as if he is working how the hell should he be getting family allowance he is either a child at college ro working and supporting himself he should not get both he is 19 and there fore NOT A CHILD if he can be old enough to work and is why the hell are we supporting him and my kids doing with out that kid is nothing to do with my family life so why are we suffering for it….. only mu hubby works no one else and brings home about 1000 a month they have asked for 101.45 A WEEK managed to get this harved over a much longer period but has taken 2 years to get them to agree in the mean time NO payments have been made and they want to higher the amount yet again plus arrears its disgyusting they have threatend to take my kids home away for a debt or child nothing to do with me or my kids….. can any one help as NO lawyer seems to want to tackle the csa belevie me ive tried


  • dai says:

    easy answer – CSA cases do not attract legal aid.

    If as an NRP you have lots of money then they will fight it – but how many NRP’s have the cash to fight? Rich NRP’s are dragged through courts.

    CSA staff know that – the legislation was deliberately wriiten to the detriment of fathers – the feckless fathers still do not pay or have to pay – it is the working man who has to pay the state- to keep feckless mums who have a court given right to stop cointact between father and child – which means more money for the state and more legal aid for mums lawyers in court cases to re-establish contact..

  • Ian says:

    Anyone who has had dealings with the CSA/DWP Always end up constantly banging their heads against a brick wall/a lone voice crying in the dark,but let us not forget our so-called MP’s who are mean’t to help and supprt us and to ensure we recieve fair treatment from the system but wouldn’t of been them who would of voted to push this through parliament anyway? As much as they themselve’s now realise what they had done was morally wrong and now try to distance themselve’s from it through embarrassment and for rear of falling on their own swords.
    Maybe the aproach to deal with the CSA/DWP Is for all to boycott the next general election and national surveys for votes.Maybe if there has been enough people affected by the CSA this could be the only way to make sit up and take notice.Remember politicians crave votes,votes=Power!

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