No job, no benefits and no money from the CSA

December 7, 2011

I am married and have been for 7 years in which me and my husband had a child together. However my husband had now left me without any financial aid and has moved into his own 2 bedroom flat in which he is renting. I would like to know where i stand in terms of claiming CSA.

I am a single parent and due to the fact of my youngest still being in infant school i am unemployed. My husband has never paid me any CSA money for our daughter and i have never claimed. So i dont know weather that would intital to me to a back payment.

I do have another daughter from another relationship also in which her dad does pay maitainance money to me for her.

I do not claim any benifits and do not have any income at all.


  • janet says:

    Ring the csa and start a new claim you are entitled to some form of support

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