No excuse for CSA inaction

February 2, 2015

Brief story. Have been chasing visa for 15 years to get me some money for my daughter. My ex made no contact with them for a full 6 years so they took out liability order and charge on his house for £21,000.

I was told this was a secured debt. Now I’m told he owes just £6000. I don’t know how this can be or do I know how they allowed no action for all these years.

They have been a complete waste of space and I’ve now started to fight them for maladministration although I know they will have an excuse. I’m gutted.


  • jo says:

    Was your ex put on an interim maintenance assessment which has now been converted?

    My husbands ex thought she would get 11,000 in arrears but when we looked deeper it was on a wrong assessment because they had him as working when he was on sickness benefit, someone didn’t process his paperwork and nor would they have done if an mp didn’t get involved….and liability orders were illegally granted as the arrears pre dated 2000! When a proper assessment was done he in fact owed nothing.

    You need to establish why these arrears have dropped and can ask for an account breakdown, has he paid some off and it’s either gone to the secretary of state or left unclaimed in an account somewhere? Or was his assessment incorrect and he’s challenged it and csa haven’t informed you?

  • Karen says:

    Yes Jo something like that but he made no contact with them for 6 years, why would it take so long fir them to act and why was I informed still a charge on his house?

  • jo says:

    It took 15 years for csa to make contact with my husband about arrears as he thought it was sorted in court due to csa not existing when they separated, the liability order was sent to the PwC so my husband didn’t receive that either, even though it shouldn’t have be granted in the first place.

    An interim maintenance assessment can be converted at anytime. Don’t believe what CSA tell you that your ex hasn’t contacted, you will probably never know for sure. If they were as lax like they were in my husband’s case.

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