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No CSA maintenance because my ex has a disablement pension

After 6 months of my ex husband making appeal after appeal, intentionaly reducing his wages, taking out the largest pension his employers would allow and lying about the number of days he has my son, I’ve been hit by the news he no longer has to pay anything and I will have to repay him.

As he has a war disablement pension the CSA tell me he does not have to pay any maintenance at all. If he was actually disabled and not able to work I could understand this, but he is not.

How is a single mum on minimum wage expected to support a child alone? He earns 3 times what I do!

I give up the CSA are not there to support children at all.

8 thoughts on “No CSA maintenance because my ex has a disablement pension

  1. re No CSA maintenance because my ex has a disablement pension

    The only correct thing you said is about the csa not giving a shit about the are soo right.they are there to drain as much money from the NRP as possible.
    You like alot of mothers use the kids as money cows,so what you are a single mother struggling…I am a single dad struggling to pay a morgage each month and bills and run a car and pay off a loan that i took out to pay for a wedding,wedding dress,rings,honeymoon and a car for the ex who walked out on me after just 9 months married,leaving me with the dept and taking my daughter away and never lets me see shes as happy as a pig in shit working and the the bloke shes with works and I suppliment their sodding income as well to the tune of £320 a month for one PWC’S along with the shit system called the csa are taking the piss out of honest hard working fathers who because of being screwd left right and centre cant afford to see their kids anymore…so yes you are right,the csa DO NOT CARE about the kids…only how much money they can legally steal from us…stop expecting your ex to suppliment your income and have some self respect…I bet if you ever meet another bloke whos on a good wage…you will still want money from the ex? it wont be about making ends meet then will it…more like greed

  2. Why is that that most NRP’s think that PWC’s are using their kids as cash cows?. I work full time and still struggle to make ends meet. On the rare occasions that the CSA do their job to obtain maintenance for my child that money is spend on her. Even if I was earning £50,000 a year which I don’t, why do mant NRP’s believe that they should not contribute to their children’s upbringing?

  3. Bella
    simple answer to that is because most of them do.And I said nothing about NRP’S and their believe that they should not pay? Not me…I detest the way us NRP’S as regarded as criminals..yes criminals can only sum us up because of the way the csa treat us with their actions and threats because we object to the way the money is forced out of us and the amount..did you know they take NOTHING into account where your income is involved.They do not care that I have a morgage to pay and bills to pay,they even include my car allowance I receive each month in their calculations..That allowance is to pay for my car,run it,maintain it,and the bastards at the csa want a slice of that as well..AND im already taxed on that allowance.I could be pennyless and the csa would still want money from me and even force me to sell my house..its draconial and sooo unfair and unjust.All I want is a system that is FAIR and based on ones ability to pay,I am not against the principal of paying for my childs upkeep..far from it.I am one of the honest fathers that wants to pay and expects to pay and they pick on people like me because im easy and honest.WE make up for the assholes that wont and will not pay and constantly dodge the system.Lastly and there are thousands of cases like this..How in gods name is fair that a PWC who has a new partner earning a small fortune himself,she gets the family house and god knows what else from her ex from the divorce and gets custody of the kids because the bloody courts ALWAYS go in favour for the mother of the kids.The ex is left almost pennyless whilst the mother drives a four wheel drive,has 2 holidays a year,wears the best clothes AND STILL expects the full amount of money from the ex EVEN though she does not need it,but gets away with it because its the POXY law…HOW CAN THAT BE FAIR ???

  4. Bella
    One other thing I forgot to mention…you said that every penny you get is spent on your daughter? I respect you for that and have to take your word for it and thats all us NRP’S have is the mothers word for it which is another reason the system is sooo unfair.I have NO SAY and neither can I DEMAND to know where and how MY money is being ex gets £73 a week for my daughter and I know damm well she does not spend all of it on my daughter for which its intended.Most of that money goes in her pocket for her cigs and his cigs and there nights out…and I cant do DAMM ALL about it…so many times I read on here about NRP’S demands on the CSA about how and where their money is spent…and every answer is the same…”its not our problem how the money is spent” WTF is that all about..why the HELL shouldnt I be able to have prove of where that money is spent..its disgusting…its morally wrong that my ex and her new bloke both work and yet im still expected to subsidise their income as well….its bloody bang out of order when all I ever did was to support my family on my own..she decides she dont want that anymore and sacks me from my responsibility…and to rub salt in the wounds…I have to pay the bitch for the priviledge…wrong wrong wrong

  5. I just want to say I’m not a money grabbing cow my Ex pays nothing for his son at the moment thanks to the CSA not understanding their own rules. Now my case working won’t even return my calls or tell me whats happening. If he was reasonable and prepared to help pay for things for my son I would not have gone to the CSA at all.

    Not all of us women are lucky enough to have the family home, car etc. I was thrown out with my son in the middle of last Jan with nowhere to go. I’ve had to start completely from scratch, whilst he has retained everything and even sold mine and my sons clothes and personal belongings. The great thing is as he won’t agree to a financial settlement the only way I can get anything is to pay to take him to court and that could be around £40000. Seems to me if your aggressive enough and change your mind and dodge from solicitor to solicitor and move house enough as he’s done you avoid the system.

    Still I have me, my son and a new start. It just annoys me some people are penalised really harshly when they are there for their children and those who need to be made to show some responsibility can dodge the system.

  6. I am aware that there are plenty of PWC’s who use their kids purely for money I for one DO NOT. I have never claimed benefits I have always worked and payed my way. My ex should contribute to the upbringing of our child, currently I pay for everything without any financial support from him. Do i think that the CSA are fair? no they are not at the end of the day the children who are caught up in this are the ones that lose out. I was forced into using the CSA and financially find it difficult to live without maintenance payments. The maintenance payments when actually paid are spent on my daughter, I don’t drink, smoke or go clubbing my focus has always and will continue to be my child. My daughters social life is without doubt 10 times better than mine.

  7. I am a pwc and live with a man who pays towards his child we receive no tax credits and work full time we do re grudge paying as the only person we care about is the child! And we also do not question where the maintenance is going as we know how exspensive children are we pay 80 pounds a week and also buy presents when we see the child

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